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Since times immemorial, humans have always been interested in determining their origin. Religion seems to play a crucial role in explaining the origin of humankind and the universe in general. In this case, people and everything in existence are assumed to have been created by a higher moral power.

Since different races and ethnicities have varying perceptions about the ‘higher being’, religion is highly influenced by culture. Hence, writing in religion and theology requires you to be sensitive and use courteous approach while expressing your arguments. The field also incorporates an interdisciplinary approach.

These factors make writing in religion and theology both challenging an interesting. However, academic writing is not everyone’s cup of coffee!

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Often, students experience challenges in academic writing. This is usually due to lack of adequate skills needed in handling a college writing assignment. For instance, some students state problems citing their work properly. Others have challenges ensuring that their essay writing style is academic by having a professional tone.

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