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Research proposal writing is often a prerequisite to research paper writing and is often required to such as to get approval from your instructor to proceed with research or get a grant.

Proposal writing is not different from writing the actual research paper, maybe with a few exceptions. For instance, its application, size, and sections may significantly vary.

Also notable in research proposal writing is the tense used. When writing a research proposal, you need to use future tenses. To get the gist of research proposal writing, you can check this article as it sheds crucial information on this particular type of paper.

Often, students encounter problems understanding how and what a research proposal entails. Others lack the needed academic writing expertise pertinent in research proposal writing.

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Approach Taken in Writing Your Research Proposal

Reviewing of Instructions: The assigned writer reads and breaks your essay’s instructions into keywords, topics, and subtopics where possible. This may also involve choosing a suitable and relevant topic for your research proposal if need be.

Preliminary Research: The writer proceeds to study materials exploring the topic of your proposal. This involves all materials such as books, journals, websites, reports to get a deeper understanding of the topic and, subsequently, help make better arguments/discussions.

Developing of Tentative Thesis Statement and Outline: The writer then develops a tentative thesis statement/research question and a corresponding outline.

Secondary Research: Using the draft outline, the writer proceeds to do secondary research in which case he/she limits himself/herself to only academically valid and relevant sources such as books, journal articles, and organizational reports.

Perfecting Initial Outline and Thesis Statement: Using the information from secondary research, your writer proceeds and improves on the thesis statement/research question and the outline.

Essay Writing: Your research proposal is then written as per the outline to ensure high quality and good logical flow.

Editing and Submission: The research proposal is then edited and submitted for you to review and approve or request a revision.

How to Get Quality and Plagiarism-Free Research Proposal Writing Help

  • Place your research proposal writing order
  • Most qualified and available writer as per the level and topic and other specifications is assigned your essay
  • The research proposal is written and polished
  • Your research proposal is submitted for you to review it
  • Approve or request for free revision on your research proposal

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