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We hand-pick the best candidates among those seeking to get a position of an academic writer on our team. Fulfilling all writing assignments from scratch is must-do for every expert, new and already-established alike. Meeting deadlines and staying open to communicating with a customer is another pillar of our writing policy.

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Our team of professional writers guarantees top-quality essay writing results.

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Get 24⁄7 help with proofreading and editing your draft – fixing your grammar, spelling, or formatting.

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We guarantee a perfect price-quality balance to all students. The more pages you order, the less you pay.

CustomEssayExpert: The Ultimate Online Essay Mill

Students have continuously been facing huge academic demands. There is a huge workload from their studies yet most of them are already working. There are also other diverse challenges that students face. Some of the major issues we have noted with most students are such as:

  • How do I start my research paper
  • How do I format my essay?
  • How long will it take to complete my research paper?
  • How do I write a research proposal/college application paper/ analytical essay among others?

 The “Hows” are just too many! This is further intensified by the fact that most students have tight schedules and limited help from their instructors. Our services are targeting such people: we help you to understand the nature of your research paper, the proper formatting and citation and deliver content that greatly increases your chances of passing. We also give you a heads up by providing a quality and free plagiarism research paper that will help you to understand what is required of you in your assignment.

But you have probably seen hundreds, if not thousands of essay writing service providers online. So, why would you say “I should hire CustomEssayExpert to write my essay?” Basically, your answer is “I need this company to write an essay for me because they are the best!”

You don’t get hundreds of satisfied and returning customers if your quality of service is low. At CustomEssayExpert, we seek to uphold professionalism in rendering writing services to our customers. Our perfection has been the result of continuous improvement such that other companies benchmark with us. We offer incredible features right from affordability, reliability and professionalism.

We understand that finding a reliable website offering professional academic writing services is a daunting task. This is even more challenging if you will have to seek help from different websites to work on your research papers in different fields. At CustomEssayExpert, we pride ourselves on having professional and dedicated writers in most of the subjects/disciplines. Thanks to our writers, we can help you on any of your writing need.

Here are some of the common paper types ordered by our customers:

Case Study: Students are often required to do a case study paper. This can imply a specific research design or a method of analysis. In either case, a student is required to examine a person, event, place, resource, or phenomenon and make inferences on a subject matter. It requires intensive reading, and critical and analytical skills to make a good case study.

Article Review: This is a summary or a source(s) that is accompanied by its evaluation. The evaluation involves the use of research ideas, theories, and other relevant information to such as support, critique, compare and/or classify.

Research Paper: In this paper, a student is supposed to search for relevant information from other sources to help them make an argument. A good research paper involves intensive research, clear organization of ideas, and coherency to help make a valid conclusion about the case being argued. 

Research Proposal: This paper presents a proposed area of study. It’s structured based on the requirements given. For instance, some proposals only require the stipulation of an area intended to be studied, while others require a comprehensive document highlighting the background of the proposed area of study, literature review, proposed methodology and probable ethical issues likely to be faced, and how to be addressed.

Literature Review: This is more of a research paper. The only difference is that your writing ought to consider a specific topic. It also involves a critical analysis of the various sources involved as well as making connections as per the thesis of your paper.

Annotated Bibliography: An annotated bibliography is necessary for various reasons such as reviewing the credibility of sources, gaining further understanding on a certain topic, and helping other researchers. It involves a summary of the source used. It may also include a reflection and an assessment.

Book Report: Writing book reports is a daunting experience for many students. Most notably, students fail to differentiate between book reports and book reviews. Book reports present an informative analysis from an objective stance: they are more of a summary of the book.

Book reviews: These are similar to book reports. However, book reviews focus on the evaluation of a book. They provide the key points in the book while appraising its strengths and weaknesses.

Response/Reaction papers: These paper types have different approaches. Most often, they include a summary and a reaction such as opposing, agreeing, and critically reviewing ideas and theories. They are written in the first-person narrative. 

Statement of Purpose/Admission Essay/College Application Essay: These are papers expressing interest and are often requested by learning institutions or by sponsors during application.

Argumentative Papers: These papers explore a controversial issue. A student is required to do research on either side and make an inference favoring one of the sides of the argument.

Cause and Effect Papers: These are research papers exploring the expected or probable result of a policy or action. Simply put, it is a paper exploring the ‘ripple effect’ of a certain occurrence.

Speech: This is a paper written addressing a specific topic for public speaking purposes.

Dissertation/Thesis: These are often final year projects that are required for the successful completion of a professional qualification or academic degree. 

Presentation: There are often PowerPoint presentations. In some cases, a word document presentation may be needed. They are often used as aids during a presentation.

Editing and Proofreading: Often, students request us to edit and proofread their work to ensure there are no grammatical errors and/or improve the quality of their work.

You can always request us for any type of paper!

Why Our Services

  • Papers for all academic levels – Even if you have a very specific assignment, we can handle it. Therefore, if you were worrying ‘who will write an essay for me’? Worry no more! The grand number of writing experts employed at our service allows us to deliver papers for all academic levels. In addition to this, we offer you assistance within even the shortest deadlines, so that you will never miss a deadline!
  • Highly Affordable Prices – To make things even better, we have highly affordable prices! Check our prices – you will find that we have a fair and competitive pricing policy that fits the budget of every student.
  • Client confidentiality –At CustomEssayExpert, we have clear and a comprehensive confidentiality policy. We guarantee 100% confidentiality to our customers. No third party will access your personal information. This includes our trusted writers.
  • A large pool of writers –We have diverse and qualified writers willing to assist you with the highest level of professionalism. It’s only at CustomEssayExpert where you can find the best writers!
  • Competitive pricing – We understand you have numerous financial engagements and papers you need help with. We also understand that you need some monies for fun as we work on your paper. We hence have the most affordable services in the market: we are simply customer-oriented.

How is Payment Determined

Pricing is determined by six major factors, but starts at $10 per page at the minimum for high school level paper and goes higher as other factors listed below change.

  • Delivery Period – How quick you need it
  • Academic Level – The academic level of an order
  • Page Count -Number of pages that a client wants
  • Service Type -Writing from scratch or editing and proofreading services
  • Spacing – Double Spacing (275 words per page) or Single Spacing (550 words per page)
  • Writer Category – This can be standard, premium or platinum
  • Standard Writers: These are experienced and verified writers capable of meeting our minimum quality expectations or that of the client.
  • Premium Writers: These have at least a Bachelor’s Degree and have 75% success rate.
  • Platinum Writers: These have a Master’s degree, at least 60 completed orders and 85% success rate.

Our assignment writing service will help you be the person you want to be. Your order will be completed with a high level of professionalism and tailored according to your requirements/preferences: the process will also be a learning experience. We identify a writer who has specialized in your discipline to complete your paper. You need not worry because this is where we call “Home to professional essay writers” committed to only our customer satisfaction. There is no reason to wait any longer!

Try us today and reach your academic goals hassle free.