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For a long time, the concept of gender has been an area of interest among scholars as they try to unwind issues to do with stereotyping, identity, and sexuality. Subsequently, the field of women and gender has emerged as one of the areas that those interested in understanding cultural and social constructs of gender can pursue.

In this regard, women studies is an interdisciplinary subject that also draws from feminist perspectives in a bid to understand a woman’s life relative to cultural and social constructs of gender, power, and gender, gender-based aspects of oppression and privileges, and their interrelationships with sexual orientation, race, social-economic classes, and other similar social categorizations.

Similarly, gender studies examine the construction of gender identity and representation.

As seen above, the field of women and gender studies is an interdisciplinary one. Hence, for you to effectively understand the field, you will be engaged in aspects relating to but not limited to literature, history, sociology, political science, geography, psychology, media studies, social work and human services, law, medicine, and human development.

Owing to the diverse theoretical understanding needed in women and gender studies, you might be required to explore a gender-related issue as it connects with various aspects that define the public sphere such as media. For instance, you may be asked to do a research paper on how media promotes male chauvinism, portrays women as a weaker group, or represents them as sexual objects.

One good thing about women and gender studies is that you will never run short of good topics as they are at your fingertips as long as you have paid attention to social perspectives about men and women.

While the field of women and gender studies presents numerous areas of exploration in an essay assignment, such homework is not always easy. You need to have excellent researching skills and be analytical if you have to ace your assignment.

Also, you will need investigative skills to be able to pull points from the numerous disciplines involved in the field for you to write a convincing college essay. A considerable number of students often have problems meeting these requirements. Moreover, writing a term paper in women and gender studies requires a good choice of words due to the cultural and moral sensitivity often involved.

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