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When you hear the word summary, it might appear as a simple writing assignment. But, the truth is far from it! A research summary is a professional piece of writing with the objective of informing a specific group about your/another scholar’s research. Writing an excellent research summary requires that one has perfect paraphrasing and analytical skills, whether it is your work or someone else’s.

You need to be able to understand your intended audience and customize your writing in a manner that makes sense and is understandable to them. When writing a research summary on someone else’s work, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the topic you are summarizing.

That said, writing a research summary is one of the simplest writing assignments you may encounter in your studies. However, this only is the case if you are well versed in academic writing and have a good understanding of the topic you are working on. Nonetheless, you might still need the help of a professional writer for various reasons.

For instance, you might not be in a position to work on your research summary due to a lack of sufficient time. Paying a professional writer to work on your summary paper will help you save time by giving you a sample paper highlighting major areas of focus while working on your final draft.

Also, a professional writer is well versed in academic writing and might shed some light on how to approach and structure an excellent research summary that meets academic writing requirements. A professionally written sample paper will make your writing experience simple and enable you to deliver quality work in a short time saving you time. You will also be certain that your work is of high quality.

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Approach Taken in Writing Your Research Summary Paper

Reviewing of Instructions: Assigned writer reviews the instructions to ascertain such as the purpose, audience, and other issues crucial in delivering a professionally written research paper.

Skimming of the Research/Source Being Summarized: The writer roughly and briefly skims through the source being summarized noting crucial points.

External Research on Topic of Interest: The writer does some study on the topic to broaden their approach to arguments and assist in ensuring perfect paraphrasing.

Reading of the Research/Source Being Summarized: The writer does a more intense study of the source being summarized with particular attention to aspects/ideas essential in addressing the requirements of your essay.

Developing of a Thesis Statement and Outline: The writer develops a purpose and/or thesis statement based on the requirements of your summary paper. This is then followed by the development of an outline relative to the requirements of your essay and the internalization of the source of interest.

Writing of the Research Summary: The research summary is subsequently written as per the outline to ensure excellent coherence and avoid digressing.

Editing: The written summary is then polished and sent to you to review and approve or request for a revision.

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