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The concepts of power and inequality have existed and influenced the relationship between people, their beliefs, and knowledge since times immemorial. For instance, blacks were considered a weaker species during colonial times, and any knowledge system was formulated to propagate the belief.

In the current society, the relationship between many whites and blacks still seems strained. A more evident example is the more common issue of criminalization, or rather a claim, of the black community due to their high incarceration rate. Owing to the profound effect that race, racial differences, and cultural systems have on social development, cultural and ethnic studies continue to gain interest.

In fact, cultural and ethnic studies have gained importance in business settings as corporate social responsibility and employee satisfaction continue to become essential components of the workplace. Cultural sensitivity continues to be of prime importance in how businesses relate to societies. As a result, taking a course in cultural and ethnic studies might be just what you need to significantly boost your employability by better understanding political discourse, cultural relations, dual language, and more historical and cultural knowledge on the global scope.

While cultural and ethnic studies are essential, writing in the field is not always easy. Cultural and ethnic studies writing requires that you take an interdisciplinary approach as they interrelate with sociology, psychology, language, and philosophy, among others.

Also, writing an excellent cultural and ethnic studies college essay is highly founded on your ability to choose an excellent topic if you have not been provided with one. Often, political questions and fundamental theoretical questions about class, sexuality, ethnicity, and race as they are socially constructed are among the best topic choices for a quality cultural and ethnicity essay.

Other topics you can consider include issues to do with aesthetics, cultural production, colonialism, movement, and migration. The quality of your cultural and ethnic studies term paper may also be significantly influenced by your ability to use critique discourses of race and racial differences from the perspective of African-American studies, European theories of gender, language, textuality, and other culturally constructed areas of studies.

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More so, some students often have academic writing difficulties. Academic writing requires guidance which most students lack. Subsequently, they fail to meet their college essay assignments’ minimum academic writing proficiency. Other students have problems adhering to their professor’s requirements. Often, a cultural and ethnic studies essay involves various components to be considered/evaluated to meet the requirements of the essay assignment. This is because most research papers in the area seek to assess student’s understanding of various issues as they relate to culture and ethnic groups.

In other cases, students cannot deliver a quality cultural and ethnic studies essay due to a lack of resources. The area of cultural and ethnic studies hasn’t always been prominent until recently. As such, there are not so many literature resources specific to this area of study. For this reason, students lack the required skills to make relations between resources in other related disciplines. This challenge is further compounded by the lack of excellent research skills among most students.

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