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What is paraphrasing? How do you effectively paraphrase text from one source into your write-up? What are some of the ways to effective paraphrasing my essay? What’s the difference between paraphrasing and quoting?

These are just some of the questions students struggle with concerning paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is essential in any form of writing that involves research because it determines how well you incorporate researched information into your paper. Also, paraphrasing is of utmost importance in avoiding plagiarism. How well you paraphrase your researched information determines if your college essay will have cases of plagiarised text or not.

The difference between paraphrasing and quoting is that, in the case of the former, you are formulating ideas and concepts of someone else in a different manner but without changing meaning, while in the latter, you copy someone else’s ideas or concepts verbatim.

‘How Can I Paraphrase Text Effectively?’

Do you want to be good at paraphrasing? Some people boast of various methods of paraphrasing. For instance, some people claim that some of the effective techniques for paraphrasing include the use of synonyms and change of phrase and/or sentence structure and the form of words or a combination of all of them.

While these techniques are true to some extent, there is one more effective technique for paraphrasing your text professionally. This one trick approach is to read the passage of interest to you, internalize and understand its meaning, and then re-express it in your own way. This is the one approach that will help you be better at paraphrasing. It combines all the other techniques stated earlier in a more coherent manner and ensures that your paper is non-plagiarized due to the similarity of sentence structure.

‘Are there Effective Paraphrasing Apps?’

There are numerous paraphrasing apps. Some examples of apps that you can use to paraphrase your text include the QuillBot, Spinbot and Paraphrasing Tool. While these tools are free and may be effective in a few limited cases, it would be advisable to avoid using them. This is because they do not have a similar level of understanding a human has.

Also, considering their technology is undeveloped, they often introduce a huge number of grammar, logic, phrasing, and sentence structuring errors. More so, the chances of your paper being plagiarised due to high similarity in the paper structure are high even if you correct the text after the tools have paraphrased it.

‘Can CustomEssayExpert Help Me Paraphrase My Paper?’

You do not have to be worried now that you have realized the effectiveness of the paraphrasing apps is poor. You can always seek help from an actual expert writer to effectively paraphrase your text. An expert is much more suited to paraphrase your paper effectively as they will check it word for word. More so, they will ensure that your paper’s coherence is on point and that there is no grammar, logic, phrasing or sentence structuring errors.

Our academic writing experts go an extra step and research your research topic to better understand it. Hence, they usually have an in-depth understanding to various ideas and concepts in your paper. In doing so, your writer can paraphrase any text in the most effective and unique manner that assures you of quality re-expression of the involved ideas and avoids any chance of plagiarism.

The beauty of our custom writing services is that we offer professional essay paraphrasing help. Our writers are qualified with at least a bachelor’s degree. Their qualification enables them to better understand most higher education concepts and areas of study. More so, we have writers in all the major areas of study. We will ensure that a qualified writer in your discipline is assigned your assignment to ensure that you get quality paraphrasing help.

Besides, our writing services are packaged in consideration of our clients’ preferences. We offer cheap essay help services with our paraphrasing services starting at only $8. This price is inclusive of editing, proofreading, and paraphrasing. In short, you will be getting 3 services for the price of one. Placing a paraphrasing order with us assures you of:

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How to Get Quality Paraphrasing Help

  • Place your order – make sure to choose the editing option
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  • The paraphrased essay is edited and polished
  • Receive your paraphrased essay for you to review and approve or request a revision.

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