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First Draft of the Annotated Bibliography: Upload under “Annotated Bibliography” Under Major Course Projects
Please write your research question
Reminder: Make sure your sources lead you to an issue in your field that meets the requirements for the Issue, Audience, and Genre Analysis: the issue must be current [arisen within the last 18-24 months], unresolved [the issue is not settled], and has a researchable audience [stakeholder] who has decision-making authority over the issue.

Please generate a list of 10 potential sources using APA Style. Potential sources need to be high-quality and credible. You probably won’t use all of them or even most of them, but you need a strong pool of potential sources. Sources: Please include at least three scholarly journal articles in your pool of potential sources. The others may be high-quality popular sources [newspapers, magazines].
Annotate at least two sources using the four-sentence précis style
Sentence 1
Name of author and title of work [publishing information, date, and page numbers in parentheses]; a rhetorically accurate verb [such as asserts, argues, suggests, contends, believes, reports, indicates, insists]; and a “that” clause containing the thesis or main argument of the work.
Sentence 2
A brief but accurate explanation of how the author develops or supports the thesis, usually in the same order as was developed in the essay.
Sentence 3
A statement of the author’s apparent purpose, followed by an “in order to” phrase.
Sentence 4 An explanation of how this source is relevant to your research and why you chose it.

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