Written Report

We should choose any US airline and choose a route and compare it with two airlines for example delta and united new york to Los angles.

You are the Operations Manager of an organization of your choice, where an operational reorganisation is being considered. However, before going ahead you have been asked by the CEO to prepare a preliminary report on the impact of the business environment on operations. Support your explanations with relevant examples where possible. Your report must cover the following:

  • Introduction of your organisation and highlight the importance of operations management at your chosen organisation.                                (2 marks)
  • Discuss impacts of the business environment on operations of the organisation (at least 2) (5 marks)
  • Explain and draw a four V’s profile for your organisation. (8 marks)
  • Explain and draw a four V’s profile for a competitor organisation within the same industry.                                                                         (8 marks)
  • Conclusion and overall presentation of the assignment including referencing within the assignment. Include coversheet and bibliography.                                                                                              (2 mark)



  1. This is aassignment for 25 marks which will be adjusted to 10% (800) words without cover page.
  2. Information presented must be current. Information should be current (only consider data post 2016). You can choose to either complete this assignment based on pre or during covid scenario.
  3. All assignments need to be submitted on turnitinby23rd September 2021 (2359hrs).
  4. Add a cover page with you name, ID number, word count
  5. Include references within as well as reference list at the end of the assignment.
  6. Late submissions will be penalized by deduction in marks for every day late (including weekends).

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