Writing a Poem

I’ll provide you with a text, and I want a poem out of the text. It does not have to be something special, just a simple short one, I will provide an example, there should be two poems, symmetrical and Asymmetrical. Please use imagery and explain it after the poem[ in a line or two], also explain another literary device used in the poem[a line or two].

Part 2: Lines & Stanzas

Below the prose text, create 2 variations of a free verse poem. The content of both versions will be the same [or nearly so], but the line- and stanza breaks should be different in each one.

Variation#1: symmetry [/3]

  • For this version, keep the line lengths visually symmetrical, i.e., approximately
  • There should be at least 2 stanzas, each of the same length [for example, 2 sestets, or 3 tercets, or 7 couplets].

Variation #2: asymmetry [/3]

  • For this version, copy the same text as in variation #1 and play around with new line- and stanza arrangements.
  • Your line lengths should have visual asymmetry: mix up longer and shorter line lengths.
  • There should be a different number of stanzas from variation #1, but none of the same length [for example, a sestet, a couplet and a tercet; or a tercet, an octave and a quatrain]
  • Each variation should be a minimum of 100 words and 10 lines
  • Complete this in your Notes & Drafts Google doc
  • Concrete imagery: Identify and explain significant concrete imagery and its impact.
  • Other literary devices: Identify and explain one other significant literary device in your poem.

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