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Research TimelineInstructions and Template


[Include at least 24 dates that relate to something you find interesting about the course.  Please keep the following points in mind as you work through the assignment:

  • Choose a theme from a relevant part of the world—do NOT include a timeline on the US or Europe. It is fine to include some dates from the US and Europe, but your main focus should be on the non-western world. 
  • Your theme can relate to a specific Module theme from the course, but ideally it would be a separate theme that could touch on all of the themes we discussed. For example, appropriate themes might include:
    • Women’s fashion
    • Military technology
    • Maps
    • Food
    • Art
    • Theology
    • Or pretty much anything else you can think of. If you have a question about whether a topic will work, feel free to email your instructor with questions.
  • Ideally, do not choose a particular nation, since it will be difficult for you to create a timeline that provides a broad overview of history. This example timeline is provided only for formatting/context purposes
  • Make sure that your dates include a broad scope of history. For example, even though the United States has only existed for the last 250 years, I include many dates from before its organization and from pre-colonial periods.
  • Dates must be in chronological order
  • The timeline should be clear and easy to read—you might do this in a variety of ways 1–divide dates into groups of five as below, 2–divide dates into relevant groupings–for example: pre-colonial, colonial, post-colonial, 3–number the dates, or 4–use 1.5 spacing.
  • The choice of dates should make sense in the context of your chosen theme. Feel free to include key historical events in your timeline, but the general focus of your timeline should fit into your theme.
  • Remember that the goal for this assignment is NOT to see how well you can read a timeline in your textbook or how well you can google “non-western timeline”. Don’t just copy the timeline from someone else’s work.  Choose a theme that interests you, and research relevant dates to build your own timeline.
  • Remember that plagiarism rules still apply for this assignment. If you use someone else’s words or ideas, you must provide proper citations.  And, in general, it is always better to use your own words.

[If you have any notes about your choice of dating schemes—BC/AD or BCE/CE, or other date information about choice of Creationist or Evolutionary time frames, feel free to include it as a note, as I have demonstrated before.]

  • This assignment should not be more than one page of work, as demonstrated below. Make sure you include the title page as well as a bibliography.

[Please note that I am using standard dating protocols.  Assuming a Creationist timeline, the early part of the timeline would be condensed.]


14,000 BC—First people travel into America across Asian land bridge

3500 BC—Red Paint People living in coastal regions

800-1600 AD—Mississippian Mound builders

1001—Leif Erikson discovers America

12th -15th cent.—Formation of the Iroquois Confederation


1492—Christopher Columbus discovers America

1565—St. Augustine, Spanish settlement, longest continuously occupied

1609—Acadia, first Jesuit mission in North America

1624—Dutch settle the New Netherlands

1763—Royal Proclamation forbidding Western Expansion


1776—Declaration of Independence

1781—United States Constitution

1803—Louisiana Purchase

1820-1860—Irish migration to the US as a result of the Irish Potato Famine

1848—California Gold Rush


1861-1865—United States Civil War

1867—Seward’s Folly, purchase of Alaska

1882—Chinese Exclusion Act

1889-1914—Syrian migration to the United States

1917-1919—United States involvement in World War I



1924—Immigration Act of 1924

1939—MS St. Louis, ship of Jewish Refugees turned away from US shores

1941-1945—United States involvement in World War II

2017—southern border wall construction escalates


[Provide a Turabian format bibliography of materials that you used in researching this assignment.  The citation provided is in the proper format.  If you have other questions, please refer to the Turabian Quick Guide available on Blackboard and follow up with your instructor.  If you make specific reference to sources or include a direct quote, the citations must be in Turabian format footnotes.]

“List of United States Immigration Laws”.  Wikipedia.  Accessed 19 March 2018.

[Please follow this template in preparing your Timeline and Mini-Essay.  Make sure to remove all of these notes and instructions in teal italics before submitting.]

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