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Instructional goal:
Eight grade students will be able to safely operate woodworking machines and tools such as the drill press, scroll saw, and sandpaper to create their CO2 Car in a technology lab.

Part A will be reused from a previous assignment, that is the tasks from the attachments. So you do not have to write anything for this part. I shared the outline with you to reference.

Part B and C can be completed by using the ‘Recommended Means of Analysis’ chart along with a paragraph form reiterating what is in the chart.
The categories are production, research-based, and cross category. An attachment is given with information about it. Examples of the technology resources that can be used is Kahoot, Kami, Youtube, Google Apps, you pick and defend which one you choose they do not have to be the ones I mentioned.
Limitations to consider are shown in the ‘Accessibility’ chart, just explain why.

Part D, narrow your technology resource selection to only 3, one from each category. Follow the bullet point requirements.

Part E, follow bullet points.

Part F, explain step-by-step how to use the 3 technology resources. Example: Step 1- open XYZ app, Step 2- sign in, Step 3 – XYZ, etc.

Part G – Instructional methods and strategies refer to behaviorism, constructivism, cognitivos, backward design, Ganges 9 events of instruction, and/or teaching for understanding. Select them and explain why.

Sources can be the 6 technology resources you “researched”

Please reach out if you need clarification on anything.

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