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The aim of this assignment is to review the performance of an organization within the world of hospitality. It should allow students to show their skills in the identification and understanding of appropriate quantitative data relating to the organization, and from the industry in which it operates in order to analyze and explain its historical performance.

Assignment overview:

The assignment is to create a 6-minute video presentation, supported by a PowerPoint presentation that highlights an analysis of a corporate organization within the world of hospitality and associated industries.

Learning Outcomes: LO1.

Critically appraise the hospitality industry, firm’s opportunities and challenges, and relevant strategies that can be used within competitive markets. LO2 Discriminate the use of core models of strategy and how these may be applied in analysing the growth and competitive strategies of major industry participants LO3. Recommend business-critical performance levels and long-term strategies for hospitality corporations through the analysis of its current corporate information.

Transferable Skills:

TS1 Communication TS3 Information literacy TS4 Numeracy skills TS5 Using technology RESOURCES AVAILABLE:

MarketLine databases Corporate websites and annual reports Industry consultancies, e.g., HVS, Ernst and Young, Grant Thornton, STR Global



PowerPoint presentation to include a maximum of 5 slides:

  • Slide 1 – outline of the This may include graphics such as brand logos.


Slides 2, 3 and 4 – data to be presented, described, and analysed

Slide 5 – reference list. Data or content MUST NOT be overlaid on top of content on the same slide. • The presentation is restricted to an absolute maximum of 6 minutes • The presentation must follow the sequence as the outline on slide 1.


  • The corporate entity is to be presented and its recent performance explained through the presentation of quantitative data. The data needs to allow for the explanation of growth and/or positive/negative performance. It is key that this goes further than mere description of the case, moreover the use of industry and competitor data will help to show a depth of knowledge and understanding of the competitiveness of the company and hence it is advisable to include industry data in the PowerPoints, thus allowing for some comparative analysis. The nature of any critical or supportive conclusions must be supported by this type of data.


  • Core presentation and communication skills such as vocal projection, use of nonverbal skills and the ability to connect with the audience and maintain their engagement is In addition to the timeliness of the presentation, the visual presentation of both yourself and the PowerPoint slides forms a key part of the assessment of the communication skills.


  • References Your reference list should appear on slide 5 of your presentation. It provides the information necessary for a reader to locate and retrieve any source you cite in the body of the PowerPoint It is not a requirement to provide the references on the specific slide in which data is supplied. The reference list must be to APA requirements.


The paper will be graded based on the following dimensions:

Task LOs & TSs Learning Descriptors* Assessment Type Grade Distribution Video Presentation LO1, LO2, TS1, TS2, TS3 and TS4 • Knowledge & Understanding • Cognitive Skills • Professional Competencies • Transferable Skills Summative 100%



Grade Weighting Grade Distribution Learning Descriptors:

Knowledge & Understanding 40% Cognitive Skills 40% Professional Competencies 10% Transferable Skills: Communication 10% FINAL GRADE 100%

Side important notes must be followed:

  1. APA format must be followed from the files
  2. Each slide must have the things/points that I need to talk about and explain during the presentation; be organized and have the points in a simple way to be presented
  3. I have put 8 sources but can always be changed as you think it is appropriate
  4. The instructor is strict on grading, therefore, follow the instructions and guidelines carefully and closely.

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