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[Please use the book Rahula, Walpole, What the Buddha Taught. Use the general message, lessons of the book to prove thesis.
1100 words -1300] Thank you
You must incorporate the two quotations provided below into your essay.
You may use only one additional short quote from the book in your essay [not more than 50 words].
Be sure to use the proper citation method [footnotes or endnotes only—Chicago Style is preferred; DO NOT USE IN-TEXT CITATIONS].
Your essay must be 1100-1300 words in length, typed and double-spaced [with one inch margins]. Remember: italics are only to be used for non-English words and book titles.
Please use inclusive, non-sexist language in your essays; for example, use words like humanity, human beings, people, persons, etc.
Do not write in the first person. In other words, do not use the word “I” anywhere in your essay to refer to yourself; for example, you should never have a sentence that begins, “I believe that…” or “I think that…”
Answer the questions assigned with a cohesive thesis. Be sure to thoroughly explain and justify your ideas and reasoning.
You do not need to use a cover sheet or works cited/bibliography page.
“A person should be mentioned as existing only in a designation [i.e., conventionally there is a being], but not in reality [or substance].”[1]
“So the production and disintegration of the illusion-like world are seen, but the production and disintegration do not ultimately exist.”[2]
Essay Question:
Explain emptiness/sūnyatā. How does the experiential truth of non-self/anātman serve as the paradigmatic phenomenon for this Buddhist insight? Be sure to define your terms and present a clear thesis. Your conclusion must show an understanding that surpasses your explanation.
[1] Rahula, Walpole, What the Buddha Taught [New York: Grove Press, 1974], p. 55; note that the Sanskrit terms have not been included in the quote.
[2] Nagarjuna, The Precious Garland [], p. 16, Ch. 2, Verse No. 111.

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