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  1. This class named Rhetorical Analysis.
  2. Course Description:
    This course explores the centrality of rhetoric in our everyday life – professional and
    civic, private and public, and local and global contexts. Rhetoric enables us to make sense of our
    everyday affairs and create/share/negotiate meanings, but also it brings certain consequences –
    opens (and closes) certain possibilities and opportunities to happen. In this way, rhetoric is an art
    as much as a power. The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with the “ways of seeing”
    rhetorical phenomena, “ways of applying” rhetorical theories to everyday life, and “ways of
    evaluating” its political, cultural, and moral implications.
  3. Assignment: Topic Paper – 30 Points
    What is your topic for your research? How and why is it interesting or important, in what way,
    and for whom? How/why is it a rhetorical concern? Explain your choice of research topic, and
    explain how/why it is interesting, important, or worth learning more about (be mindful about
    your audience). Make sure you highlight how/why it is a rhetorical issue/phenomenon (for
    example, involving symbolic action which opens/closes certain possibilities and opportunities to
    happen – culturally, politically, materially, etc.). Narrow down your focus as clearly as you can.
    Also, develop a research question (or a thesis) that captures key aspects of your investigation that
    your research will analyze and prove.
    Your paper will be 3-4 pages in length, type-written (12-point font), double-spaced, and stapled.

    I would like to have my sources mostly from academic journals, communication journals, abstracts, peer articles,… They need to be valid sources, may be found from Google Scholars, College Library Database,…
    This is the link to my college’s library database:
    I prefer you find my source from here but you can get it from other sources too. Let me know if you need my school ID.

    I want the research topic for this paper mainly focuses on feminism, women roles,… It could analyze how rhetorical depictions of masculinity and feminity in mass media, such as televisions and films. However, you could go beyond what I gave details here, as long as it focuses on women, feminism,.

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