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Please answer all five questions pertaining to the following mini-case.  Note that while the company is real, the product is fictional.  Point values associated with each question are shown in parentheses.  If you wish to incorporate outside research, it may bolster your analysis.  You may also consult one another,but ANY PAPERS WITH IDENTICAL WORDING WILL EARN A ZERO.  If you quote directly from any source, you must cite appropriately. Plagiarism will yield a score of zero.


NOTE THAT THERE IS A TEN-PAGE LIMIT ON TOTAL EXAM LENGTH.  Be sure to send your work as a regular pdf or Word attachment, labeled with your last name and the exam number, i.e., Smith1.  Papers submitted after midnight will be subject to a ten percent grading penalty.  NO WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED MORE THAN 24 HOURS PAST THE DEADLINE.


Campbell’s is exploring the launch of CauliChips [CCC], a line of baked cauliflower chips, across the U.S.  CCC will be available in a variety of flavors, including jalapeno pepper and cheddar, and is meant to be a healthier alternative to traditional potato chips.  Marketing management expects the products to find a wide audience among salty snack fans, but is eager to develop a more specific idea as to CCC’s appeal.


  1. Complete a mini-SWOT analysis for CCC, identifying and briefly describing two factors for each of the four areas [strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats]. Be sure to consider both micro- and macro-environmental factors.  [20]
  2. Identify and describe two ways to estimate potential demand for CCC. [10]
  3. [a] Compose two questions, one closed-ended and one open-ended, to measure the appeal of the CONCEPT for CCC.  [Note: concept testing does NOT include tasting the actual product.]  [10]

[b]  Assuming that the company proceeds with product development, create a detailed sampling plan for a piece of quantitative research pertaining to CCC.  [20]

  1. Explain how each of the following factors might relate to the marketing of CCC:

[a]  selective attention;  [b]  subculture;   [c]  family life-cycle stage;   [d]  gender;

[e]  benefits sought;  [f]  user status.  [30]

  1. Choose a competitive strategy that you consider appropriate for CCC, and explain.  [10]

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