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Introduction Media Essay Two:
The concepts we cover in this course include countless phenomena that occur and shape our world on a daily basis. The purpose of media essay assignments is to help you relate course materials to the world around you and to help you understand the forces, both social and technological that impact all of us.

The Assignment
Find an article in the media [not more than one year old] that demonstrates issues and controversies surrounding the use or development of technology in our society. The article chosen should deal with at least one or more of the concepts or questions covered in the reading up to this point in the course [chapters 5 – 10]. Some of the concepts and questions we have explored that you will likely find in the media include:
The diffusion of technology
Efforts to restrict the diffusion of technology
Secret Technologies
Pollution [acid rain, toxic wastes, greenhouse gases, etc.]
Depletion of resources [fossil fuels, for example]
Alternative fuels/Energy
Global warming
Stem cell research
GM Crops or Genetically Modified Foods
Life sustaining technologies/inappropriate technology
Halfway technologies
Bridge Technologies
Diagnostic Technologies
The changing nature of work
The role of the technology in job creation
These are just a sample of some of the concepts and questions surrounding technology and society that we have explored so far. You should not have difficulty finding a current article that deals with at least one of these, or other topics covered thus far. Sources for your article might include but not be limited to, newspapers, websites such as CNN.COM or MSN.COM, magazines such as Time or Newsweek, or some of the electronic databases available through the FTCC Library webpage. These databases include such useful resources as Issues and Controversies, Science Resource Center, NC Live, and the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. See COURSE INFORMATION for guidance on accessing these databases if you have never used them.

Keep in mind, this is a current events assignment that relates course material to things going on in our world [and thus the news] now. Do not use articles more than one year old.

After you have selected an article and read it, write a one or more page essay that explains:
1. What is the controversy?
2. How is technology involved and what are the potential impacts on society?
3. How many sides are there to this issue [at least according to your article], and what are they?
4. What concepts or questions explored thus far in the course are apparent in this article? State the concepts by name!
5. What are your own feelings on this issue, and has any of the material covered thus far in the course impacted this opinion?
6. What is the source for your article? Provide the name, date, issue and/or volume number of the publication, name of the author [if given] and name of the article for print sources such as newspapers or magazines. Provide the web link for online sources. Provide the database and article name for articles accessed through the FTCC Library’s electronic databases.
Your written response to the above should be done in MS Word or a similar word processing program, using size 12, Times New Roman font. Further, the essay must be in MLA format and must include a works cited page that at a minimum lists the course textbook and the news article as sources.

Acceptable Length
One or more full pages of text.
Formatting Requirements

All written assignments for this course must be done in MLA format. If you are not familiar with MLA format, visit the FTCC Library’s website for a selection of links that can assist you with MLA formatting.
Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.
Use double line spacing in the document.

Grading Criteria [note: you can view the rubric I will use to grade your work on the submission page].
Content: Student submits media essay one or more full pages of text in length that is based upon a news article less than one year old. Essay relates article to at least one or more course concepts and student states the course concept in the essay by name, fully explaining how the news article demonstrates the concept[s]. Student provides all relevant information on the article on the works cited page. [Up to 80% of assignment grade].
Formatting: Has MLA style page numbering, MLA style header, uses parenthetical citation as needed, and lists all sources used in correct format on the works cited page. [Up to 10% of assignment grade].

Grammar: Media essay is free of errors in grammar, such as capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, etc… [Up to 10% of assignment grade].

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