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Step 1: Read:

Theme 5: Cinema, Gender and State Politics

Ceesay, Hassoum. (chapter 3) “Women’s Associations and Social Development in Bathurst, 1925- 1965. ” In Africa, History& Culture. Edited by Mariama Khan & Grasian Mkodzongi, Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2020., pages 29 – 49.

Read Achebe, Chinua (2017) Things Fall Apart, Chapters 11 – 15, New York: Penguin Books.

Theme 6: Cinema, Gender and Social Relations
Same chapter above re-assigned for this theme.

Step 2: Watch assigned films for Module 3: see folder below

Faat Kine (2000), a film by Sembene Ousmane
West African Diaspora film: (Liberia) Malibu Love, written & produced by Alaric Elliott and Directed by Frank Artus
Step 3: Prepare the first draft of Writing Assignment 3

Step 4: Finalize and submit Writing Assignment

Activism has helped women to achieve various changes in their lives and community. Citing examples from Ceesay’s chapter, the films “Faat Kine,” “Malibu” and the documentary film by Khan, discuss some of the challenges women face in their homes, in the community and in their occupations. Using examples from the films and the chapter, provide instances in which women overcome different barriers to their ambitions, work and visions. (6.5-points)

Using examples from chapters 11 – 15 of Things Fall Apart discuss the roles women play in social reproduction, conflict resolution, maintaining peace and transmitting social customs and folklore in Nigeria. (4- points)

videos to watch
(Faat Kiné (2000, première partie), afilm by Ousmane Sembene
Faat Kiné (première partie)

(Faat Kiné (2000, Deuxième partie), a film by Ousmane Sembene
Faat Kiné (Deuxième partie)

Faat kiné (2000,troisième partie), a film by Ousmane Sembene
Faat kiné (troisième partie)

NB: let me know if you need help with the videos

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