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One observation that we have made in our interaction with students is the lack of understanding of the difference between writing a reflection/reaction essay and a review essay. These two are like day and night though they are closely related.

Simply put, a reflection essay is a response to a source by stating issues that stood out to you, interesting facts, and areas of disagreement based on how you internalized its content.

On the other hand, a review essay is a critical evaluation of a source to ascertain its academic value such as by analyzing its methodology, analysis, or its arguments.

You can check our articles on reflection essay writing and review essay writing to further understand the differences between these two types of papers. The approach to writing the different types of reflection and review essays is the same and hence the articles will give crucial information about writing the two types of papers.

As much as article reflection essay writing may sound easy as you are often not required to do any research, it is not a walk in the park either. You need to have a solid understanding of the topic you are responding to and the recent developments in the area.

The best-positioned person to meet such requirements is one who has been constantly reading or working on the topic such as paid college essay writers. Professional writers are often involved in writing numerous essays on their area of specialization exposing them to recent developments in different topics and enabling them to develop an in-depth understanding of a given field. As such, their experience and knowledge are invaluable in ensuring that you get a quality reflection essay.

Also, in case you do not have time such as due to work or other personal engagements, reaction essay writing help can be lifesaving by making your work simple. Working on essay homework when you already have a sample reflection essay customized to your needs can save you a great deal of time. Precisely, it will help you break down the instructions of your reflection essay assignment.

Besides, the sample reaction essay gives you important ideas and/or approaches to use while working on your final draft. The fact that the sample is of high quality and is plagiarism-free assures you of concepts and ideas you can incorporate in your final paper to be assured of an excellent grade.

In doing so, you will be certain that you met instructions, adhered to academic writing standards, and that your reflection essay is of high quality.

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Approach Taken in Writing Your Reflection/Reaction Essay

Reviewing of Instructions: Assigned writer analyzes instructions of your paper.

Preliminary Research: The writer proceeds to research on all materials exploring your topic – both academic and non-academic sources.

Development of Thesis Statement and Outline: Based on the information gained from the preliminary research, the writer develops a tentative thesis statement and an outline as per your instructions.

Secondary Research: The writer proceeds t do secondary research in which case, he/she limits himself/herself to only academically relevant and credible sources.

Perfecting on the Thesis Statement and Outline: Based on the new research, the thesis statement and the outline are perfected.

Writing of the Reflection Essay: The reflection essay is then written following the polished outline to ensure high-quality work and good coherence.

Submission: The polished paper is then delivered to you to review and approve or request for a revision where necessary.

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