Write an analytical essay essay thinking about practical knowledge vs. theoretical knowledge. What makes knowledge useful or useless? Why?

The idea of the essay should be supported by ideas and quotes from the following PDF:
However, the essay thesis should be the same as the PDF.

A successful essay will do the following:

  • Demonstrate careful reading and in-depth understanding of the article
  • Formulate a specific, clear, and unified thesis based on your own ideas [NOTE: The thesis should not summarize the article]
  • Develop a coherent argument [NOTE: Do not simply answer the guiding questions in the topic one by one; instead, use them as a starting point for your analysis]
  • Avoid general or vague comments
  • Avoid personal opinion; any claims you make should be supported with evidence from the article
  • Show awareness of the complexity of the issue and avoid stating

the obvious or oversimplifying the problem

  • Formulate your own position, using the article as a starting point [your main idea cannot simply be some form of “I agree/disagree”]
  • Show evidence of in-depth thinking about the topic
  • Present a coherent, logical argument
  • Have a clear and specific thesis that 1] makes a claim of some kind [not just saying “This paper will examine…”]; 2] is not stating the obvious [it must be possible to disagree with the thesis]; 3] is not a list [e.g., “There are three reasons/factors/characteristics”]; 4] is not too broad; 5] is not merely personal opinion; 6] is not a statement of fact; 7] does not summarize the main idea of the article
  • Incorporate relevant and carefully chosen examples from the article as evidence
  • Avoid paraphrasing, unless you are confident that you know how to do it to avoid plagiarism
  • Type quotations accurately, including capital letters, spaces, and punctuation
  • Introduce each quotation clearly and integrate it smoothly into your own sentence
  • Explain the significance of each quotation
  • Avoid repetition throughout the essay [especially in the conclusion]
  • Use correct grammar and spelling, clear phrasing, varied sentence structure, rich vocabulary, and appropriate tone
  • The essay should have a tittle

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