Women in Television Advertisements

Look at the attached file for instructions and description.
Please read the purpose of the paper and instructions and description of the literature review sections.


Commodifying Women in Television Advertisements: An Analysis of Women’s Portrayal in MBC Channel Advertisements


Purpose of study:

The purpose of the current study is to explore Arabic women’s depiction in advertisements broadcast in the Middle East Broadcasting Center [MBC]. Particularly, this study delves into exploring the type of ads and in which context women’s role is understood. More importantly, this study seeks to investigate whether the role of women contains any sexual gesture or exploitation of women’s body to attract the audience.

General instructions:

  • No plagiarism
  • No cover page is needed.
  • Use a simple terms and understandable sentences and ideas.
  • Provide a profound, solid, and coherent writing style. [I will NOT accept a paper full of tautology].
  • You will only use recent [5- 7 years old] academic articles to be cited in this literature review. Otherwise, the paper will be rejected.
  • Cite APA style throughout the paper and with a page number whenever you refer to a certain idea or a quote.
  • Clear, solid, and coherent writing and ideas phrasing is a must in this paper.
  • The paper must be in the style of reviewing and discussing ideas.

This literature review has four main sections and will consists approximately of 8 pages. Please adherence strictly to the instructions:

The effect of television on audiences

In this section you will cover the following ideas: [do not limit the ideas according to the following, you can write freely, ideas must be solid and coherent and NOT tautological].

  • The history of television appearance in the world.
  • How television is used by governments and companies and how television is perceived by the audiences.
  • Talk about the proliferation of television among the audiences.
  • This section should take approximately two pages.

The effect of television ads on audiences

In this section you will cover the following:

  • Here you will narrow down the ideas related to the advertisements on television.
  • Talk about the landscape of ads on television.
  • How ads on television can affect audiences’ attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • How ads are being formulated and introduced.
  • Discuss the elements of television ads.

The role of women in television ads

In this section you will cover:

  • How women is used in commercial ads on television.
  • Talk about the culture and the role of women in television, especially, television ads.
  • Discuss how women’s body can be exploited by commercial ads to attract more people.
  • How this negative image of women can harm the novelty of women’s’ role in society.

The image of Arab women in television commercial advertisements  

In this section you will cover:

  • Talk about media in the Arab world.
  • How women are positioned in the sector of media.
  • How Arab women are used in television ads.
  • Do advertisers intentionally focus on women’s body in television advertisements and how. Provides some examples.

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