Why Care About the Planet [Plastic Bags]

I have uploaded my rough draft that I already turned in on Friday afternoon. I also have uploaded my two peer reviews comments. Please help me make this paper into something better. This is worth a lot of credit and still needs work done to it. I do not mind whatever you need to adjust to make it better.

Instructions from the professor.
Once you have chosen the article [I have uploaded the article] from the textbook that you will use for the Summary/Response paper, [ I have listed the instructions for the summary response paper below so you will know what it’s talking about]. reread the article for bias and opinion.

Summary Response to “_______” by _________
Write a summary response based on one article from your assigned list of readings in They Say/ I Say. Though your summary and response should focus primarily on one article, you may mention another article or more in your response. Use the top of this document as a model for how to format your essay. Notice that there should be no extra spaces between the heading and the title or between the title and the first sentence of your essay.
Guidelines for Writing a Summary Response:
1. Use MLA style: Times New Roman [TNR] 12 font; one-inch margins all around; double-spacing throughout—no extra spaces before or after the title; heading with your name, my name, the class, and the date due; centered title with correct capitalization. [SEE ABOVE]
2. The title should include the name of the article in quotation marks and the full name of the author.
3. The first sentence should include 3 things: the title, the full name of the author, and the thesis.
4. Here’s a model first sentence: In their recent work _______, Y and Z have offered harsh critiques of _______ for _________.

5. After the introductory sentences of your summary, shift the focus of your consideration to the point in the article that you want to respond to in your response paragraph. [SEE “Summary-Response Important Points” on Canvas for further explanation and for an example summary.]
6. Use at least one direct quotation in the summary.
7. The first sentence or two of your response paragraph should clearly indicate what “I say” about the point of issue you raise in the summary.
8. Some model first sentences for the response paragraph are listed in the They Say/ I Say index of templates.
9. The rest of the response paragraph should work to support your “I say” sentence or sentences. Your support can be in the form of logic; a unique perspective of the issue; a moral, ethical, functional, or aesthetic judgment; and/or evidence from another source.
10. Use interesting verbs. See “Capturing Authorial Action” models in the They Say/ I Say index of templates [pp. 762-763].
11. Use the historical present tense when discussing an author’s writing: asserts, argues, reminds.
12. Vary your sentences so that they do not all start the same way.

13. Do not use first-person singular pronouns in the summary [I, me, my, mine, myself], but you may use first-person pronouns in your response paragraph.

14. Do not use second-person pronouns [you, your, yours, yourself, yourselves].
15. Write only two paragraphs—. It should not be not be over two pages.
16. When you have finished, run spell-check
17. Remember to submit the paper in either Word or PDF format.
The theme is Why Care About the Planet

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