Week 2

One of the most valuable ways to learn about an important topic, like assessment, is to see what is happening in the field around you. Throughout your program you have been building relationships with centers and schools through your field experience This week, you will complete the first of two field experience assignments for this course and you are encouraged to return to one of your previous field experience sites. You will spend 2.5 of your 5 field experience hours for the course on this assignment. You will interview two early childhood educators about how they use assessment in their center or classroom. Your interviews should be with educators from different age groups [infant/toddler, preschool, or TK].

What types of assessments do you use? Why?
How and when do you assess your students?
What is your role in the assessment process?
How do you use assessment data to inform your instruction?
How do you involve families it the assessment process?
How do you use the Desired Results Developmental Profile© [2015] [DRDP [2015]]?
After completing your interviews, consider the following:

What similarities were there regarding your two assessment interviews?
What differences were there regarding your two assessment interviews?
What takeaways did you have from completing the assessment interviews?
Was anything surprising during the assessment interviews?
Your reflection should be two to three pages Be sure to proofread and submit with a cover page, reference page, and APA format [headers, page numbers, etc.]. Support the ideas in your paper with at least two references.

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