W07:SWR #: Writing Meaniful Conclusion

Like introductions, conclusions tend to be one of the most difficult parts of an essay to write well. After spending time writing the body of the essay, providing and explaining all of those beautiful details, it can be tempting to pull a Porky Pig and just say, “That’s all folks!” But, it is essential to resist this temptation. In the same way that an introduction draws the reader in, convincing them that reading your essay will be a worthwhile endeavor, a conclusion should leave the reader feeling that reading your essay was, in fact, worth the time it took. Imagine your conclusion as the closing scene in a film or television series; it can be truly gratifying or completely disappointing [just ask Game of Thrones fans]. Please don’t leave your audience hanging.

For this assignment, you will write a meaningful conclusion to the essay that you started on the first day of class. This conclusion should recap the main points of your essay without feeling repetitive and leave the reader with a lasting impression.

· Without repeating the thesis statement or any other sentences from the rest of your essay, write a recap of your essay’s main point. Think of this as paraphrasing your thesis statement.

· Also, without simply repeating what you’ve already said, write a few lines where you summarize your essay’s subtopics and connect them back to your main point one last time.

· Write a final line or two that will leave your reader with a lasting impression. Like in the introduction, you might consider a technique like using a quotation [but be careful not to introduce new subtopics, details, or examples that will need to be explained.

Tip: Avoid using unnecessary phrases like “in conclusion,” “in closing,” or “in summary” at the beginning of your conclusion. While these phrases are totally appropriate for a first draft, like the zero draft that you completed on the first day of class, they are overused and uninteresting.

Evaluation Standards

SWR #5 Rubric

Summary of Thesis and Subtopics [20]

The conclusion summarizes the essay’s thesis and subtopics in a meaningful way. The conclusion does not repeat lines that were used elsewhere in the essay.


TOPIC: Tell me something good

My name is Orelesi Bosede. I am a forty one years old and a mother of two.
I am a victim of domestic violence for about ten years. I was faced with series of abuse, assault in which all hope was lost. I was labelled ingrate, useless, irresponsible and rebellious .My children almost abandoned me.
Today, I felt good, filled with joy because I have my sanity back. My children live with me and believe me. Now I can think straight and face the challenges of life. I have fight, win and conquered.

That is the two paragraph that the instructor requested for initially, NOW, she wants a complete essay with a meaningful Conclusion

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