Vitamins & supplements are beneficial components to healthy eating for the average American diet

After broken bones and back My mom this year diagnosed with osteopenia, my maternal grandmother and grandfather had osteoporosis before their deaths at 62. I am interested in researching vitamins and their potential real benefits. At 17 I am taking a daily calcium and vitamin D in hopes vitamin and supplements may prevent this hereditary disease in myself. I indulge in fast food and take out of American convenience too much. And in hope proper vitamins can help.

Write a 3-4 page essay explaining an important and interesting concept, the one you already know well or are just learning about. Consider your readers are likely to know and think about the concept, what you might want them to learn about it, and whether you can research it sufficiently in the time you have. The goal is to inform and educate your readers about a particular topic, not influence them. You don’t take a stance or point of view regarding your subject.


  1. Find a topic first. For example, you may choose an abstract concept such as love, success, common sense, heroism etc. or a specific one, such as the Pygmalion effect, black holes, body dysmorphia, entomophagy, telepathy etc.


  1. You are welcome to choose a concept from an expert position: choose one that you already know/consider using those that interest you (your major, the subject you are studying etc.). You are welcome to use any concept, including non-academic concepts, e.g. Cooking/Culinary Arts = Sous Vide, Molecular Gastronomy; Fashion and Design = Haute Couture, Minimalism.



  1. Discovering New Concepts: what you write may be telling readers what they already know, or you might get bored, and it might show. How do you find a concept if you don’t already know about it? Look for some magazines in the library and start looking for articles that sound interesting. While you are reading, write down any concepts that come up.


  1. Have some subject in mind. You need to have a focused subject area when you start your research. Maybe you want to focus on astronomical phenomena, or maybe on student psychology, or maybe on sports psychology, or maybe on cuisine. If you have a clear idea of the subjects you’re interested, skimming through magazines on those subjects—or browsing the subject catalog—can often be illuminating and helpful.



  1. Don’t forget to include your sources in the Works Cited page. It is a good idea to use an outline for this assignment.

Keep in mind:

  1. A Focused Explanation – why did I choose the concept to write about and how? Is it interesting to my readers?
    2. A Clear, Logical Organization – is my explanation logical, clear and easy to understand/read?
    3. Appropriate Explanatory Strategies – what is the best way to explain my concept? What strategies should I use?
  2. Sources – make sure to include the sources at the end of the essay (no limit on number of sources)
  3. Proofread your essay – make sure to use grammar, syntax and punctuation according to the conventions of Standard American English


Format:  the paper should be

* Typed, double-spaced;

* 12-point font, Times New Roman;

* 1-inch margin all around, a 4-line header on left side that includes your name, id number, course, assignment and date;

* Include a title of your paper;

*Follow the handout on MLA format

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