Treatment Planning

Treatment plan to include:
Client information: brief: Dx & date of onset, age, HPI [and hospital course to date, if inpatient], PMH, PLOF, very brief occupational profile, current status [summary]
Goals: 1 Long Term Goal & 2 Short Term Goals; [1 of the STG’s should relate to LTG]. Timeline will be based on the average LOS at your facility
Include rationales for each goal [why you have chosen these goals]
Goals must be in COAST format
Identify the types of OT interventions [using OTPF Table 6] you will use with this client, and state why they are appropriate for this client.
Also include Referrals to other services
Plan one 30-minute treatment session that include at least 3 appropriate OT interventions
Session must include one occupation, one activity, and one preparatory task/method and a rationalefor each [explain why the chosen activities are appropriate for your client]
Identify the order of interventions: what activities you will do first, second, third etc.
Included activities must be appropriate to the length of the 30-minute session.
Identify the Frame[s] of Reference on which each activity is based
Describe the conditions for each activity. E.g.: environment, positioning, equipment, etc.
Grading: Describe how to upgrade and downgrade the occupation, and the preparatory task used your treatment session [or if you used a preparatory method, identify whether or not it can be up/down graded].
For this assignment, you need to change a feature of the intervention [task] itself; increasing or decreasing amount of assistance or cues [while appropriate grading in general] are not acceptable forms of grading for this assignment.
If you prefer, you can use 2 tables, 1 each for the types of interventions and for the treatment session [see sample paper]. Tables do not need double line spacing

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