Training Strategies [ impact on employees, resources, and/or stakeholders.]

I have attached the instructions for the group paper in the additional materials tab. I am in charge of writing one of the 7-8 pages. I have already included one scholarly source. Please add one more. I have also attached an outline for my section of the group paper and that is the only section that you need to complete. Use the outline I have provided as a guide.

Group Research Paper– Final Instructions

Using your research and outline, your group will work collaboratively on a 7 8-page research paper complying with the formatting and content instructions below.



  • 7 8 pages, not including title and reference pages
  • Times NewRoman, 12-pointfont, double-spaced
  • Left justified only with 1 1/2 inch margins on the left side
  • 1inch margins at the top, right and bottom
  • Current APA format
  • Numbered pages
  • At least 7 scholarly sources that are less than 10 years old.
  • Show block quotations for more than 40 words:
    • Single-spaced with double-space separating quotes
    • Indented 5 spaces from left hand margin
    • No quotation marks
  • Reference page in current APA format including active URL links [not included in page total].
  • Double-space between references and single space within the reference.



  • A title page that includes:
    • Course number and name
    • Case name
    • All group member names
    • Date submitted
    • Respectfully submitted to:[Instructor’s Name]
    • Introduction
    • Include concepts from the textbook that apply to the topic selected. Credit will only be earned for concepts supported by text page numbers. [Essentially, this is accomplished through integration of the relevant course content, using properly formatted, current APA citations.]
    • Description of the major issues related to the topic
      • What are the managerial/leadership implications/responsibilities?
      • What are the strategic organizational implications/responsibilities?
      • Impact on employees, resources, and/or stakeholders?
      • What are the legal concerns for employers [if any]?
        • What laws specifically apply to the issue[s]?
      • Biblical integration [not a separate section at the end of the document] Integrate Scripture throughout the document as appropriate to support the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the selected topic.
    • Conclusion


Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism commonly occurs when the student utilizes an author’s words and does not properly attribute the source. All sources must be referenced. No cutting and pasting or copying [unless quoting] is permitted. Purchasing papers of any form will result in automatic failure for the course and a recommendation for expulsion.


One member of your group must submit the final version of this assignmentinto SafeAssign

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