To The Bone-Movie 2017

Critical Analysis of Behavior II

INSTRUCTIONS: Develop a plan of care for the character/characters portrayed.  Additionally there is an assignment.This work is to be typed in Word format, using correct grammar and spelling.  The written assignment will be uploaded to the appropriate assignment tab in D2L. Within 7 days of the completion of assignment.

  1. Identify the mental health issues of the main character[s] and include supporting evidence as identified in your text or               supporting peer reviewed articles.
  2. Identify symptoms of the disorders of issues presented.
  3. Summarize the psychiatric principles of the recovery model in relationship to the manifestation of the issues seen.
  4. Formulate a complete nursing diagnosis for each condition and document a minimum of three treatment options.   Remember that nursing diagnoses have three parts.
  5. Identify medication classifications that could be used to treat these conditions. Include teaching opportunities regarding medication [such as diet, tolerance, dependence, etc.]
  6. Reflect on how the film affected your perception and understanding of this clinical presentation.
  7. In what way will this experience impact your care of patients with mental illness?
  8. Compare and contrast the two films disease processes and the impact on the person, the family, significant others, and you.
  9. How will you incorporate the knowledge into you nursing practice?
  10. Define the role of the nurse in the care of the “identified patient”. If there is no role evident create a role and define the role within the scope of the psychiatric nurse. [What would the nurse do to aid the patient in recovery model process].

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