Thesis Critique

Using the attached thesis, you are required to critique it using the following criteria. These are based on the assessment criteria used by (serious) peer reviewed conferences, journals and book publishers.

1. Purpose and objectives of the study? Are these clearly identified and discussed?
2. Theoretical framework? Is there a clear identification and discussion of the theories, models or other conceptual frameworks used in the study, along with identification of the main underlying theorist and/or theoretical discussion in the field promoting or recommending
this type of research? Is there a rationale provided?
3. Situation of the study within the research already conducted in the field? What other major studies have been done? Are there no other studies or very few indicating that there is a gap in the field which this study is designed to address? How may this one be different?
4. Research Approach? Does the article give a justification for the type of research study? Qualitative, hermeneutic, interactional, etc.?
5. Is the methodology clearly and fully reported? This should include a discussion of the site and participant selection, the methods used for data collection or information collection (with a discussion of the design of the instruments and inclusion in the appendices), ethical consideration, limitations, and any other significant conduct issues?
6. Presentation and analysis of results? Is it clearly connected to the theoretical framework (e.g., if it is a colonization critique from E. Said, does the analysis and discussion of results clearly refer back to the theoretical framework?)? Are the importance of the results discussed in terms of their contribution to the field? Further research?

I would suggest that you use a separate subsection for each of these, except in the case of the research approach and methodology that in some cases may be integrated into one subsection.

Sources to be cited should be material that offers guidelines to research designing and planning.

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