The Ultimate Guide to Acing a Speech Assignment

Speech writing is one of the assignments you will encounter, especially if you are taking a course in languages. Writing a speech is the same as writing other academic formats. Nonetheless, there are unique requirements about speech writing that are nerve-racking!

Ever sat through a boring and lousy speech? You know how chocking that can be and you don’t want to put your audience through such an ordeal.

An excellent speech is founded on effective writing. A well-written speech actually bolsters your confidence while delivering it and it all depends on careful planning and keen attention to details.

So, how do you ensure that you write a perfect speech? Below are tricks to help you.

  1. Understand the Purpose of Your Speech and Your Audience

What is it that you intend to achieve by the end of your speech? Who is your audience and which language best defines them? How should you tailor the speech to reflect the needs of your audience? Understanding what you want to attain and the target of your speech and how to go about it is the foundation of writing a perfect speech.

  1. Structure Your Speech

Once you know the purpose of your speech, you will get an idea of the type of speech you should write such as an informative speech or a persuasive one. Subsequently, develop a tentative approach to use for your speech. Put in mind things that might make your audience lose interest in your speech. Having a clear mental picture of how you want your speech to be will enable you to develop a precise path and have a specific destination, which will make it memorable among your audience.

  1. Research Your Topic

Do a thorough reading based on the premeditated structure and achievements. Comprehensive understanding of your topic allows you to make convincing arguments and, as a result, be able to move your audience to your favor.

  1. Make an Outline

Note the main ideas in a manner that exhibits logical progression. An outline is an excellent way to confirm that your ideas achieve the intended purpose and follows a specific logical path that is easy to read and which drives your audience to your intended destination. It also enables you to create a draft that will meet the required speech length. Ensure that you have a strong hook for your introduction and a great conclusion.

  1. Perfectly Craft Your Speech

It’s time to write your speech! Keenly follow your outline checking to ensure that new ideas do not interfere with the set path for your speech. Use a language that corresponds to the needs and experience of your audience on the topic you are exploring and which suits the purpose of your speech.

Use language to your advantage such as repeating phrases of importance for emphasis. Also, limit use of quotes and statistics as they may overwhelm your audience, use appropriate tone and edit your written speech to perfection.

Suggested Structure for a Speech

The structure of a speech is mainly dependent on its purpose. Additionally, for a speech intended for classwork, its structure is also determined by the instructions given. Your instructor may give specifications on how to approach your speech assignment, which precedence over any other requirement.

That said, below is a summarized structure of a speech.


  • Start with a string hook to gain your audience attention
  • Contextualize your topic, discussion and so forth
  • Create a purpose statement and/or a thesis statement as necessary


  • Organize your work into paragraphs
  • Start each paragraph with a topic sentence
  • Use supporting evidence for each argument
  • Use transitioning words to connect sentences in a logical manner
  • End each paragraph with an afterthought or summary


  • Restate your thesis
  • Summarize your main arguments – be certain to rephrase them rather than rewriting them
  • End with an afterthought

Things to Consider While Writing a Speech

  • Understand your audience and keep it interested throughout your speech
  • Use credible, relevant and sound evidence to make your arguments convincing
  • Don’t digress from your topic or purpose of your speech
  • Use clear, coherent, uncomplicated, not overly simple and comprehensible language and sentence structures
  • Be precise and specific
  • Don’t assume your audience understands what you intend to communicate or imply
  • Don’t use generalized concepts
  • Don’t be repetitive or redundant

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