The effects of digitalization and artificial intelligence in Compliance

The effects of digitalization and artificial intelligence in Compliance


Research items:

Chapter One: Introduction

It contains the following points:

  • Abstract (a general brief used as an introduction to the following points)
  • Research problem
  • Research importance
  • Research objectives
  • Research hypotheses
  • Research limitations (geographical, time-related, subject-related and human-related………)
  • Research proposal (dividing the research into several chapters and briefly explaining the contents of each chapter)


Chapter Two:

The title of the chapter explains the topic under study.

Which should include a thorough explanation of the subject from its applied aspect.

For example: if the subject under study is “the compatibility of King Abdulaziz University graduates to work in commercial companies/businesses/corporates/”, in which case these topics can be addressed:

  • A brief overview of King Abdulaziz University
  • University students rights and obligations/duties
  • General information about Saudi companies
  • Saudization and its requirements


The third chapter:

Literature Review

(It should include research studies related to the topic)



Chapter Four:


(Explanation of the method used to carry out the study and the methods of collecting and analyzing data)


Chapter Five:

Results (presenting the research findings and analysis)


Chapter Six:

Discussion and Recommendations (with an applied action plan)





General points:

The following is a suggested mechanism for implementing the research project:

  • Each student chooses the topic that suits him and then obtains the approval of the subject’s teacher.
  • The effects of digitalization and artificial intelligence in Compliance
  • After the initial agreement on the research topic, the student collects scientific articles related to the topic. (Please consider the quality of the articles selected, not the number of articles)
  • The student writes the first chapter and sends it via e-mail.
  • The subject teacher reviews the first chapter and sends his notes via e-mail.
  • Based on the notes of the subject teacher, the student will make the appropriate modifications and then begin to develop the general structure of the research.
  • The student designs the research tool (questionnaire, personal interview, or others) that he will use to collect information.
  • For the questionnaire, it is preferable to use a ready-made questionnaire that was used in a previous study and published in one of the scientific journals. In the event that this is not possible, we will then resort to designing a special questionnaire by the student.
  • The subject teacher reviews the search tool and then sends his feedback via e-mail.
  • The student collects information through the search tool.
  • The student analyzes the information statistically and then proposes appropriate recommendations.
  • The student sends the entire research in its final form to the subject teacher for review.
  • The subject teacher reviews the research and then sends his comments to the student.
  • The student makes the final adjustments, and then delivers the final hard copy to the teacher, in addition to an electronic copy.

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