Term paper concerning the feasibility and risks of a US corporation’s potential foreign direct investment [FDI] into a foreign country [Mexico]

I need help writing an introduction.
Introduction instructions:
– Introduction: First sentence is the Purpose Statement [re FDI]. In this section you can summarize the risks discussed in the Culture, Political, and Economic sections and relate FDI trends in this country. Do not report any recommendations in the Introduction.
I also need some help expanding the attached [my draft] to two pages length, I’ve included my sources at the very bottom if you need to see them as well or reference to them.
The intructions for the paper:
– Economic Environment: Charts may be useful in this part; follow chart example handout if used. If you use economic charts, make them horizontal trend line charts. Useful charts might include: GDP, GDP per Capita, unemployment, inflation, exchange rate with US dollar. We need to know if the economic trends are positive or negative. Is this economy safe for our FDI investment? Are there special economic issues in this country? In the last sentence state “The Economic risk is ____ [Low, Medium, or High]”.
– Note: I had trouble finding a horizontal trend line for Mexico, so none are included.
My reference links within my draft:
Note: I’ve attached the instructions as well just in case and because the introduction needs some help from the other sections, but my group mates and I are working on different sections [I’m introduction and Economic Environment] and paper is going to be due soon.
– References and In-text Citations – Cite and list references as you gather facts. All facts and charts need source citations [Author and Year – directly under the charts or as in-text citations within the sentence just before the period]. Associated references will be listed in this section alphabetically by author in APA format [Author, Year, etc.].
– APA style; NO ORPHANS and no footnotes. All citations must have a reference; all references must have at least one citation.
– Formatting [bad formatting implies bad content]:
Be explicit! No Vague, Fluffy, Chatty, Incoherent, Nonsense Statements
Relevance to FDI is everything! Stick to purpose throughout paper [EVERYTHING is about FDI]
No recommendations outside of Recommendation Section
No statements of fact without attribution [use APA in-text citations]
Do not personify [no I, We, Us, etc.]
Do not use normative language – do not use ‘should’
No unnecessary history [only necessary history critical to current FDI issues – a very rare thing]
If you use charts, I recommend using horizontal trend line charts
All charts need APA citation and references for source of data
Embed all charts within appropriate text section

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