Sustainable community/climate change that can improve public health

Media Advocacy Assignment


 Communicate the importance of a sustainability related topic that you’ve learned about in this class to the public (can be local, state, national or international level) through either 1) a KQED Perspectives piece or 2) an op-ed/letter to the editor. While this is technically an opinion piece, it is important that all your arguments are backed up with concrete data/evidence. Strong op-ed articles have a convincing, straightforward, well-argued call to action.


Topic can be related to sustainable community/climate change that can improve public health overall. For option #1: Perspectives Submission to KQED, you can share your perspectives to this news outlet. While option #2: Letter to the Editor/ Op-ed is you will choose an already published article from any newspapers within the last month and then share your perspective.

Please choose only ONE option. Thanks you.



  1. Choose a media outlet (one of two options below)
  2. Recommend a solution that focuses on systemic changes for what you think should be done.
  3. Your piece should be clearly written, with one or two main
  4. Present fresh facts or a unique perspective. Remember, creativity increases the chance that your piece will be considered for
  5. Include at least three sources using any formal citation style with which you are familiar. In-text citations and a works cited page/bibliography is required. Make sure your sources are credible! See this web resource ( html) for assistance with citations.
  6. Your piece should be around 500 words, font size 12 and around 1-inch

Media Outlets

 Choose ONE of the following media outlets to submit your opinion piece:

#1: Perspectives Submission to KQED


Write the script for an opinion piece that could be aired on KQED. See official submission guidelines here ( . NOTE: If you are interested in submitting your piece to KQED and having it accepted, please note that they prefer discussions about regional or personal concerns over international issues.

#2: Letter to the Editor/ Op-ed

 Respond to and reference a news article that was published within the last month. Note that newspapers are typically interested in letters that link directly to a recent article they have

published. We recommend reviewing this guide ( media/writing-effective-op- eds/) for writing a strong op-ed.

When submitting your assignment to this class, please include a copy of the original news article.

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