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Write an Informative speech on a topic of your choosing. You may select any important cultural, environmental, or historical fact or figure. Your challenge is to think of a topic that no one in your class is likely to know about. Examples of insufficient topics include: Christmas, The Liberty Bell, The Holocaust, Mother Theresa. Try to think of something about which you have a niche interest or knowledge, that you want to get others interested in, too.

If you glance at the rubric for this assignment, you will notice that your “Topic Choice” is one of the elements on which your speech will be graded; for this reason, it is in your best interest to run your topic by your instructor via email or in virtual office hours, so that they can help to guide you in your decision.

The nature of this speech will be educational and academic, in contrast to our first speech, which was more lighthearted in tone.


Time limit/Speech length: Between 3:00 and 4:15 in length. If you clock in under 3:00, you will lose 5 points. If you click in over 4:15, your instructor reserves the right to detract points. Use this draft as an opportunity to ensure your speech is within the time limit!

Outline format: Consult Week 6 Module on the home page to see How to Construct an Outline & use the Outline Template document to get started. Please use Google Docs or Microsoft Word to organize your speech in outline format, as these instructions are formatted, using an indented outline system to distinguish main points, sub-points, and sub-sub points. In Week 6 Module you can find a Sample Outline: A Much Needed Change for Students.doc there, but please note that it is a Persuasive Speech outline.
Please write the following in full sentences:
In an Informative Speech, your thesis will involve concisely previewing your main points, while also making clear why you believe your topic is important.
Main Points / Connectives
Oral Citations / Quotations / Statistics
No need to write the following in full sentences
Summary of main points in conclusion

Research Notes: At the bottom of this document, you will see a section where I am asking for your MLA citations, each followed by a bullet-pointed list of the notes you took and quotations you encountered and planned to include while researching for the speech.
Be sure that your notes are organized BY source.
Minimum source requirement: 3 (2 credible sources from the internet, 1 source from the library catalog or databases).

Outline Template







  1. Hook with topic reveal
  2. Connect topic to yourself
  • Connect topic to your audience
  1. For Persuasive Speeches Only: Include Questionnaire findings and address target audience
  2. Thesis



  1. Main Point
    1. Fill in and reorganize sub-points and;
      1. sub-sub-points as you develop each main point.
    2. Remember that every speech will have a different number of main points.
    3. Each main point will also have a different number of corresponding sub- and sub-sub-points.
      1. Consider the “template” for the body of your speech to necessarily need to adjust to fit the content of your writing!
    4. Main Point (with sub- and sub-sub-points)
  • Main Point (with sub- and sub-sub-points)
  1. Main Point (with sub- and sub-sub-points)



  1. In conclusion,
    1. Review main points you covered in your speech
  2. Remind us why we should care about what we just learned
  • Sendoff
  1. Thank you!

Research Notes

A list of MLA Format citations of all the sources you consulted in your research for this speech, spaced and indented like this entry, and using Purdue OWL to follow the most up to date MLA Guidelines.

  • Each citation should be followed by a bullet-pointed list of the notes you took and quotations you encountered and planned to include while researching for the speech.
  • The reason to keep research notes organized by source as you work on your speech is two-fold:
    • It ensures that you do not forget which sources taught you which pieces of information, and;
    • You will keep these notes as you work on your research, helping you to “see what you plan to say” as you work. In short, keeping notes organized by source helps you with generating and organizing your main points.
  • Each speech will have a different number of required resources. Consult Canvas Assignment details to ensure you do not lose points for not conducting your research thoroughly and according to the Assignment parameters.

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