Strategic Planning

***You are utilizing another paper for reference for this one as well. This paper is an extension of the paper that is attached.***
Develop a strategic plan for a department or division within a health care organization, taking a balanced scorecard approach.
Departmental strategic priorities must align with organizational priorities. To prepare for this assessment, consider how you might best represent these alignments graphically in an attractive, professional manner. For example, you might choose a crosswalk table, Venn diagram, or other format that clearly illustrates these alignments. Be creative in your approach. Use the organization’s colors or design your own color scheme. Keep in mind that these conceptual representations are intended for executive leaders and other stakeholders in the organization and community.
A title page and references page. An abstract is not required.
A running head on all pages.
Appropriate section headings.
Your appraisal should be 3–5 pages in length, excluding the title page and references page.
Use the following section headings to ensure thorough content coverage and flow.
Departmental Strategic Priorities.
Effects of Organizational Policies.
Add your balanced scorecard and graphical representations of priority alignments as appendices.
The following tasks correspond to the grading criteria in the assessment scoring guide, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.

Create a balanced scorecard for a department or division.
Each scorecard domain must include an objective, performance metric, benchmark target, and prospective initiative.
Determine departmental strategic priorities.
Include at least one strategic priority for each balanced scorecard domain (financial, customer, internal processes, learning and growth).
Why are these priorities important?
Are these priorities feasible?
For example, do they reflect departmental objectives, available resources, and a specific time frame?
Evaluate the effects of organizational policies on departmental strategic priorities.
How do existing policies hinder or facilitate what you hope to accomplish?
Align departmental strategic priorities with elements of an organization’s strategic plan.
Represent the alignments graphically in a crosswalk table, Venn diagram, or any other format that clearly illustrates the alignments.
Communicate clearly and concisely in a form and style appropriate for the audience and for the substance, purpose, and context of the message being conveyed.
Consider the needs of your audience.
Be succinct and mindful of communication best practices.
Carefully review your materials to avoid errors that could distract the audience and make it more difficult for them to focus on the substance of your strategic plan.

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