Story Creation

Please refer to the word doc. for more information on the assignment.

Please follow the instructions stated in the word doc. and follow it word for word. Please avoid verbatim and plagiarism and make sure to cite all sources even if you don’t quote .

All the READINGS in the following link are VERY IMPORTANT to be read and used as primary sources.

CMNS 419 Assignment 1: Story Creation


Length: 750–1000 words (for analysis portion of assignment)

Tell a story using words and still images. The only rules are you cannot use fewer than six words or fewer than ten images, and your story cannot be longer than three minutes.

The story can be told in several different ways:

  • As an audio slideshow using oral narration to accompany still photographs (Note: This would be an opportunity to practice for the final project.)
  • With or without sound effects
  • As a graphic novel for those of you with some drawing ability
  • Intersplicing single words, sentences, or larger blocks of text with images

Here are some ideas to get you going; however, you can also come up with your own idea:

  • A story about a terrible roommate
  • A story about an eventful family reunion
  • A story about an awkward date
  • A story about a strange encounter
  • A story about something frightening that happened to you
  • A story about your greatest achievement
  • A story about your most embarrassing moment

Structure your story using the five-part story structure.This will require two things: finding a story that works well with this structure, and understanding how to tell a story using the structure.Deliberately choose a POV, and consider how this will affect how the story is told. You can choose to tell the story from your own POV, but the same analysis will apply. For the images that you choose and/or create, think about the different meanings imparted by framing.

Write a brief analysis of your work (750–1000 words) explaining your choices; touch on story structure, dramatic tension, POV, and framing. You should cite at least four or five sources from the readings.

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