STAAR Accommodations

Answer the following writing prompt for the essay question:

Mrs. Pena just left your office regarding a student with a learning disability in her fifth grade class. The student’s disability is in reading and written language.
Mrs. Pena is worried about the STAAR test this year. She believes that Drew will know and understand the TEKS concepts but won’t be able to understand the written questions on the STAAR test. Mrs. Pena told you that Drew uses auditory books in class and she heard the STAAR test does not have that feature. As a new diagnostician, you are not sure
about the answer, but you told Mrs. Pena you would find out and get back to her within 24 hours. As soon as Mrs. Pena leaves, you locate the STAAR Accommodation Policy Document for the school year.

The questions below are there to help guide you on how to use the text you read about accommodations and the question about Drew. Do not write a paper that has 1., 2., 3. etc as though this was a test. Read
the information about accommodations, use the writing prompt about Drew, then write your answers based upon what you learned in the accommodations guidance. Write it in essay form.
The questions below are to help guide you in your writing journey. The directions for writing an essay answer in APA is below.
1. Is an oral administration of the STAAR allowable for Drew?
2. What is an example of an allowable accommodation that could be
recommended for Drew?
3. Is there a technology accommodation Drew could use to read the STAAR test? If so, provide an example.

Two double spaced pages
12 pt. Times New Roman
APA [7th Edition]
One-inch margins
Include your name in the header [not in the body of the text]
Include APA headings to organize your writing
People first language
Limit- no more than 3 pages

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