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Short Assignment: 15marks

Using examples from the Global South discuss the notion that exclusion is a double-edged sword?

Delivered on September

How to do this assignment: Use course articles and online news articles from reputable news agencies such as BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, Reuters, and many more locally reputable news sources from the country of study. Back your answers with evidence, not personal experiences. Avoid generic statements such as “Africa/Asia is poor”, “All black/white people are bad” etc.

Formatting Instructions

• The entire take-home assignment should be 2 pages long single space, excluding the bibliography and justified text alignment. Writing within these tight page constraints requires that you write as succinctly and as concisely as possible. This might require several drafts.

• You need to show engagement with the readings by citing them. Citing only lecture notes will not make it a good paper.

• You should use your own words and arguments and draw on lecture notes and course readings to support your arguments.

• Failure to cite properly could result in plagiarism.

• Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. Please check the Academic Integrity Checklist before submitting your essay:

• This is not a group assignment. Please work individually. If you are caught submitting similar papers or plagiarizing, you will fail this course and you will be charged with plagiarism.

Submission Instructions

• Please upload the electronic copy of your assignment to Assignments that are submitted after this date will be considered late. See syllabus for late policy.

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