Sociology Essay

Students are expected to reflect critically on the main concepts and ideas in the readings. They are also expected to include two or three reflection questions that emerge from the assigned reading materials. Good entry points for an analytical reflection include:

A high-level summary of the main themes included in the readings.
The material’s strengths and weaknesses.
Connections between the pieces, other class readings, or other readings identified by the student (these must be properly cited used APA format).
The practical application of concepts in the reading materials to education NGOs.

Session 2: Managing CSOs within the context of globalization.

The distinctive nature of CSO management: social change as a goal, participation, empowerment and effectiveness, multiple accountabilities, diverse sources of funding, CSOs as connectors.
Approaches to CSO impact: enhance direct implementation, influence systems change and lead multi-sector action.
Discussion of the Documentary: Poverty INC.
Watch: (链接到外部网站。)

Neal Keny-Guyer (CEO Mercy Corps) on the NGO of 2030

Students will submit two potential organization cases for the mid-term paper. The instructor will help students select cases. As soon as students select their organization, they can start gathering information for their mid-term papers with the secondary data available (annual reports, web pages, articles, etc.).

Students will select one social entrepreneur in the field of education to discuss next class.


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Watch Poverty, INC

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