You have learned about a few of the main theoretical paradigms in Sociology from our text and links in the modules. You should have also read and learned about some of the founding members of sociology as well as scientific research methods. You will write a short paper connecting the dots and from this paper you will create an infographic using (Links to an external site.). You can use this website free of charge to create your infographic. Your infographic will include 3 sections that cover information regarding founding members of sociology, sociological perspectives, and scientific research methods. The paper will be 2.5-3 pages doubles space and you will use this information for your infographic.

Information regarding founding member should includer general background of individual, contributions to sociology, and importance of their work for today’s study of society.
The section covering theoretical perspective should discuss origins of the theory, it’s link to known theorist, the practical use of the theory, and weaknesses of the theory.
The final section covering research methods should cover clear steps of the research methods, definitions of important concepts such as variables, correlations, spurious correlations, operationalization of concepts, etc. A clear distinction between qualitative and quantitative research and description of its use in social research. And finally, you should include a section covering your references.
Pictocharts offers a wide variety of templates and is very easy to use. There is a sample pictochart explaining how to create your own infograph and you should be as creative as possible.

I highly suggest that you refer to and cite the textbook for the definition of your theory/theorist and research methods and offer detailed information regarding material. Remember that all work in class needs to be cited using APA formatting and your work should be edited for grammar, punctuation, and other formatting. If you are unsure about any part of the assignment, then please visit me during office hours to go over the assignment. I will also make myself available to help with work on the assignment during class.
You should make use of outside research materials and/or additional readings aside from the textbook. There are other resources in our class page so please make use of them. In addition, please make sure you are using proper citations and that you include a reference page. APA is the preferred format and your grade will be affected by lack of citations and references.
Infographs are due on Sunday, September 26th, and is worth 25 points.
APA citations and reference are required. Assignments are accepted through Canvas.

For help with APA formatting, citations, and reference page see:
Purdue Owl (Links to an external site.)
This assignment is designed to improve your critical thinking ability; help you understand and apply sociology to society, and to improve writing skills. Your work will be scholarly in tone and will be organized in a coherent manner. Contractions and colloquialism are to be avoided. The past tense should be used throughout.

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