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please review the attached documents to complete the assignment. The file titled Case File Documentation Assignment will describe the assignment and provide background information for you to complete the assigned task.
The file titled Case File Documentation Guide is the actual template you will download, add your responses, and upload back onto Blackboard for me to grade. I’ve also detailed the Guides to assist in providing direction on where to place specific information on each template. Feel free to email me with any questions. Each Case File Documentation assessment is worth 50 points.

Part 1 of 2

Strengths Lists


A minimum of 5 strengths must be identified and listed per family member.  You must include strengths extracted from the sections you have reviewed using your “reframing” techniques from the lecture.  It is also acceptable to identify hypothetical strengths for family members (children) who have little documented in the sections below.


  1. Greg
  2. Maxine
  3. Liza
  4. Jeremy
  5. Tracy


Want to go pro?  Try generating strengths lists for these additional team members.  These additional lists are not mandatory, but will strengthen your ability to adopt a strength-based approach when faced with difficulty circumstances.  J


  1. Ted
  2. Greg’s Parents
  3. Greg’s co-worker



Part 2 of 2

Family Strength Story


The strength story must be 2-3 pages in length, demonstrating an understanding and implementation of reframing techniques from the lecture.  The family story must be communicated using a strength-based approach and address the following topics:


  1. Circumstances that lead to system involvement with the family.
  2. Strengths of individuals and the family unit.
  3. Positive milestones or accomplishments achieved by family members.
  4. Identified goals, hopes, or desires of individuals and the family.


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