Social Work and Human Services

SWRK-3930-M50 – Intro Soc Work Research
This assignment is the starting point for inquiries related to the research topic of interest. To do so, you are expected to write about the problems associated with the research topic and factors contributing to the research topic and/or the problems. Reviewing the relevant statistics and literature is important because it provides students with the background.

For this assignment you will need:

Title page
Introduction: Introducing a research topic of interest
Problems: Resulting from the research topic
Factors: Contributing to the research topic and/or the problems
Reference page

This assignment (worth 100 points) should be 2-3 pages long excluding the pages of Title and Reference. This paper assignment should follow the the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 7th ed.) and should be typed, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides, no extra spacing between paragraphs, and should use the Times New Roman 12-point font. This paper assignment will be assessed by the Research Paper I (Section 1: Problem) Rubric.

Research Paper I (Section 1: Problem)Research Paper I (Section 1: Problem)

I want my topic to be something related to this subject. It’s ok if the writer can think of a better topic let me know.
The Disparity of Gender Equality of Homelessness in Memphis, Tennessee, following the Research Paper then a Lit Review.
After that RESEARCH PAPER III RUBRIC: Section III & IV (Methodology & Research Ethics), RESEARCH PAPER RUBRIC: FINAL FULL PAPER (Section I, II, III, & References). My Research Paper has 3 parts.

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