Social Work and Human Services

Out of Class Activity Two:  Reflection Paper: Due Class Three

  • Purpose: Identify patterns, roles and themes within your own family.


  • Write a two page reflection paper about your genogram: Note the patterns/themes/observations you made about your family system; When you were creating and looking at your own genogram, what surprised or stood out to you?Were there any “unknowns” in your genogram – what kind of information was readily available and what was unknown?Did you notice any patterns between/among the generations of your family?
  • How might a genogram help someone begin to understand their own family? What questions would you ask a family about their genogram?As a clinician, how might you use a genogram as part of your assessment and formulation for family therapy?





Im an international student from the united arab emirates. I come. From a small small family and have only one brother. This is very different to what arabs have. They usually have bigger families just like my parents. Me and my parents have strong relationships andmy brother too this is because we are very small compared to the rest.

I have noticed that mental health is allsuspected because it is not spoken about and going to therapy is very looked down upon and usually refereed to being crazy. What I put as suspected it is just from my observation and from knowing them.

We have diabetes that runs in the family as well as high blood pressure, obesity, and glaucoma.


My relation ship with my aunt from my mothers side isn’t great because of a conflict that happened a long time ago and still hasn’t been resolved.


Bothe my fathers parents passed away when he was a teenager. When I called to ask my dad he didn’t have much information about his family.

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