Assignment 1: Short Report 1: Agency Profile/Project Definition

Assignment purpose: To identify the applicant agency and its mandate and define the intention of the grant application—the research/project addressing a problem or need.
In Assignment 1, you will select an agency on whose behalf you will develop a proposal. Based on the mandate of that agency and some research, you will define a funding need. Then, you will articulate that need in the form of a problem statement. This statement will shape the development of your proposal in this course.
Step 1
From the following list, select an agency to represent
• a mid-sized publicly funded art gallery (municipal, non-commercial),
• a provincial chapter of the Special Olympics,
• an Immigrant Women’s Association,
• NWT Literacy Council (Yellowknife),
• a Food Bank,
• Parents Advisory Committee PAC, (BC) or other provincial School Council
• your own activity: arts, cultural, or other research (with approval of instructor)
Step 2
Develop a project for which you will seek funding. Use research and some deliberation, including an understanding of the agency mandate, to inform your choice because you will work with this agency for the duration of the course.
Ask, “What project will you request funding for? What is the problem or need that the project addresses?”
Tip: Look at the agency’s programs and activities, annual report, financial statements and list of funders to get an idea of what has been successful in the past, what would work well with existing programs, or on the other hand, what gaps in the program could be filled.
Step 3:
Using your research from Step 2, prepare a report which includes answers to the following:
Introduction: summary statement
• State your chosen agency, the agency’s purpose, its mandate or vision statement.
• Write the problem statement as you currently see it; the more you research and develop it, the more focused it will become, but for now write your initial idea.
• Briefly state the project that you propose to solve or improve the problem.
• Refer to the checklist in Chapter 1, Model 1.1 “Evaluation of a Needs or Problem Statement”
• Has the agency or the community already worked in the area the project covers?
• Does this project build on existing projects or programs?
• Describe any previous research completed to date (delivered) and/or information relevant to the project.
• Present details, W5: who, what, where, when, and why
• State mandate and objectives/goals of your agency, its communities served
• Connect the project to your agency’s mandate (moved from introduction)
• State the objectives of the proposed research, problem or need it addresses, communities served, and the anticipated significance or impact of the activity or research findings (Use checklist Ch. 1, Model 1.1)
• Consult Chapter 1 in textbook and assigned videos for assistance
Conclusion: Briefly summarize the above information stating why your project is necessary and what the impact of proposed activity or research will be.
• Organization: headings and bullets, white space,
• Use professional tone and clear, concise, direct style
• 12 point font, 1.15 line spacing
• Use your own words as much as possible and quotation marks for direct quotes
Read the assignment rubric below to understand how your report will be graded.
Marking Rubric for Assignment 1
Activity Exemplary
(9-10) Effective
(7-8) Satisfactory
(5-6) Poor
Project description States a specific and innovative project States a clear and worthy project States a vague, project, but shows some potential No project or unworkable project
Mechanics & style No errors in spelling & punctuation,
Exceptionally professional tone & extensive vocabulary,
Sentences are well-constructed and varied in structure. Few or no errors in grammar or spelling, sentences are competently constructed with good vocabulary & professional tone Some errors in grammar or spelling, some sentences are poorly constructed, with little variety in structure or vocabulary, tone is too informal, some use of slang Some major errors in grammar or spelling, sentences are poorly constructed, vocabulary is narrow, repetitive, imprecise
Discussion: goals, objectives, needs, impact Provides strong, clear, convincing detailed discussion with realistic impact statement Provides clear, detailed discussion and impact statement Provides some explanation why the proposed project is important, details are vague or incomplete, Poor or few details, the project
Agency Excellent project/agency fit Good agency fit Project/agency fit needs shaping or reconsider choice of agency Project/choice of agency do not seem viable

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