. Sexuality and Feminist Scholarship in Kinesiology and the History of Title IX Content


As graduating seniors, you have all had opportunities to demonstrate college-level reading comprehension and the ability to regurgitate information on exams and written assignments. Although the ability to recall and/or identify information is still critically important, a capstone experience should be an opportunity to apply and analyze information from previous and current coursework as well as your life experiences. To that end, you will need to submit your own personalized notes on the assigned readings and other module materials. You have complete autonomy on how you structure your notes. However, you are required to include information from all the required module materials (i.e. readings, videos, etc.). Ideally, your notes and reflections should showcase what you found interesting or impactful.

Notes can be done in paragraph, bullet-point, or in a form that makes sense to you and helps you retain the information. Notes may be typed or hand-written. If you have hand-written your notes, you can scan or take a photo of your completed notes to submit on Canvas. If you take pictures, they must be converted to a PDF file before submission on Canvas (there are great phone apps to scan documents). Other acceptable file types are doc and docx. In addition, hand-written notes must be legible. If you are struggling with how to take quality notes on the course content, please schedule a time with the instructor. The notes you submit MUST be your own notes.

For this week, you are required to submit notes on the following:

Sports Illustrated (2012) The Legacy of Title IX

Drummond (2008) (Links to an external site.)

Reifsteck (2014) (Links to an external site.)

Huntsman World Senior Games:

In addition to your notes, you are also required to submit a short written reflection. Please note the focus of your reflection is completely up to you. That stated I ask that you stick to the weekly topic or significant events that occurred at your CEL site. Below is simply a guide to help you with the reflective process.

Please consider the following as you write your weekly reflection – community site experience (e.g., reflect on any aspect of diversity that you can relate to your site experience, your recognition of stereotypes, barriers, anything you are learning related to diversity, and your site participants, how are you similar/different to the participants and how this impacts your experience, etc), 2 – required reading assignments (e.g., what stood out to you in each reading, any critiques, how you personally relate, etc.). 3 – class discussion (e.g., reflect on others’ comments, activities that were done, whether your perspective changed, etc.). Please do not simply describe the activities you did at your site, class discussion, or summarize the readings.

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