Select one of the following concepts to use for this paper: Stress or Development.

This short philosophy paper is valued at 10 points and is due in the Assignment Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on October 4, 2021.
This paper is no longer than three pages, including references.
The paper should be double spaced and have a font size of 12. Use APA formatting for references.
We will grade APA format.
References are required. Refer to the following APA Blog website if you need assistance with the 7th edition of APA style ( Your name and the course name will appear as a header for the paper.
Do NOT include a running head title, title page, or abstract.
Select one of the following concepts to use for this paper: Stress or Development. You can request a different concept if you wish but must have prior approval from Dr. Wicks before using it to develop your paper. The paper is different from other formal papers that you will complete in this program. There are three parts to the parts, and you should use these parts as the headings for this paper.
Part 1: Discuss how you would define this concept from the two perspectives of (a) logical positivism and (b) process organism. You cannot use a dictionary or Wikipedia for this definition. Instead, write your definition in your own words, demonstrating your understanding of the two perspectives.). Thus, the header for this section of the paper should be titled Definition of the Concept within the Two Perspectives.
You should have these two sections in Part 1 of your paper:
1. The definition of (concept) from the logical positivism perspective is: (put your unique definition here)
2. The definition of (concept) from the process organism perspective is: (put your unique definition here)
Part 2: This section of the paper should be titled Best Definition. Discuss which definition is better.
Part 3: This section of the paper should be titled Justification.
Discuss your justification for selecting the above-mentioned best definition.
Your response should be clear, comprehensive, and well supported to show a complete understanding of the two perspectives (e.g., logical positivism and process organism) and the distinctions between them.
Follow the guidelines to the letter to obtain the maximum score on this assignment. If you have questions about these guidelines or expectations, contact Dr. Mona Wicks.
Again, do NOT use dictionary definitions for this assignment. Instead, you must develop personal (student-developed) definitions of the concept guided by each philosophical perspective. Because the perspectives are different, the definitions should be different. A definition consistent with logical positivism and process organism should be different.
There are several sample papers attached for review. You must include a statement that specifies the definition of the concept (e.g., tell us the meaning of the concept).

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