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The mid-term paper must be 800 words. You may use some or all of the sources from the folder on MST for the prompt you choose. You must cite your sources along with the relevant page numbers. Feel free to go beyond these sources as need be, but please include any additional sources used in a bibliography. Embedded beneath the number for each prompt [below] is a link to the folder containing the three sources that you are required to use in answering that prompt. Answer one of the below prompts, citing the sources for your argument as need be. Or develop your own project, in consultation with me. You can plan on doing a new topic for the final paper, or continuing to develop this project. If you present an idea, claim, words, or a fact that is notyour own, you must cite your source. You do not need to agree with the arguments presented in your sources to make use of them. Indeed, some of the most productive arguments are against other works, rather than in support of them.

World Wars Compare the function of technology in World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. What similarities and differences do you see in the causation of the three militarized conflicts? Do you think technology, politics, or military leadership and soldier quality were the primary determinants of the outcomes in these conflicts? If none of these variables seems causal to you, what fourth variable would you posit?

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