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Before doing this assignment, you must read the first section in Week 5’s Module [content in guidenline]
Hi, everyone.
This week’s Discussion is a fun one [at least I think it is]. What I’d like for you to do is to find three “real-life” examples of the grammar errors I taught you about in the Lecture notes. You’ll find them in music lyrics from a song that you like and / or peruse comments on any social media platform that you use.

*NOTE* The errors you post must be examples of the grammar errors you learned about in this module, not a different kind of error!
Music lyrics have included examples of those errors for decades. And I always say that the internet is where grammar goes to die, especially in the “Comments” sections of social media platforms. So, we’re always surrounded by these grammar mishaps.
I’d like you to post three examples. If you use music lyrics, please put them in quotation marks and name the song they’re from. If you copy / paste comments from social media, mention where they’re from. The examples can be of all the same error [double-negatives, for example], or you can mix them up.

In addition to posting your three examples of the grammar errors, I’d like you to identify what kind of grammar error they are and then correct them.

Edit the grammar error in red and the correct version of it in blue, as I’ve done in my post.

I’ve posted my three examples as the first Discussion post so you can see what you need to do.
Please do not do a Google search for this such as: “Music lyrics that have double negatives.” I want you to post examples that you have found on your own, not take the easy way out by doing a search.
As usual, please respond to two of your classmates’ posts in addition to your main post.

Please complete the homework as required. Please remember that I am an international student. Please don’t use too difficult grammar and vocabulary. Don’t forget to reply to the classmates post, which is also part of the homework.
first classmates post:Good Evening Classmates and Professor,
It is true that there are so many favorite songs with grammatical errors, but because of the rhyme, we love to repeat those lyrics, and I am guilty as well.
The examples that I found are:
Examples 1.
The song tiles by Timbaland and Doe, Keri Hilson “The Way I Are”
The title itself already subject/verb agreement error as it should be “The Way I Am”
Example 2.
The same song from example 1, and the two lines of lyrics present examples of double-negative grammar errors:
“I ain’t got no money
I ain’t got no car to take you on a date”
“I ain’t got any money
I ain’t got any car to take you on a date”
Example 3.
This is the post I found on my friend’s Facebook page as she runs her own arts and crafts sales business.
“Hair scrunches is perfect gift for a woman or a girl for any occasion. $8 per one or $15 for set of 3”
This is an example of a subject/verb error with spelling and article usage errors, but I am fixing only the error for this example.
“Hair scrunches are perfect gifts for a woman or a girl for any occasion. $8 per one or $15 for set of 3”
Or it also could be corrected as “Hair scrunchie is a perfect gift for a woman or a girl for any occasion. $8 per one or $15 for set of 3”, but that would be a plural/singular usage error.
Thank you
second classmates post:
Hello Professor and Classmates,
Here are my three examples.
1. Lyrics from the song I can’t get no satisfaction by the Rolling Stones.
” I can’t get no satisfaction”
correct version- ” I can’t get any satisfaction.
2. Lyric by Gwen Stefani, Rich Girl.
” If I was a rich girl”
correct version ” If I were a rich girl”.
3. Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jr.
“who you gonna call?”
Correct version ” Whom are you going to call”

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