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This assignment centers around a video and a lesson plan.

The first video, “Inquiry-Based Learning – How One Teacher Does It”, is a terrific portrayal of the way one teacher incorporates inquiry-based learning into her science curriculum.

The lesson plan, “Roll On”, is built around a structured method of inquiry. It includes detailed plans for student engagement and exploration as well as a list of guiding questions for the teacher to ask.

Your assignment is as follows:

After watching the video and reading the lesson plan, write a four-paragraph paper [not bullet points]. In the first paragraph, list three best practices seen in the video titled “Inquiry-Based Learning – How One Teacher Does It”.

In the second paragraph, list three best practices included in the lesson plan “Roll On”.

In the third paragraph, list and explain two/three advantages of inquiry-based learning.

In the fourth paragraph, detail two ways you would incorporate inquiry-based learning into a science lesson plan [be specific and give examples].

This paper does not have to be done in APA style, but it should look like a college-appropriate paper. There should be no spelling or grammar mistakes in your paper.

another video –


This is a structured inquiry lesson on force and motion. Students observe how forces such as gravity, friction, equal, unequal forces and change in direction cause marbles to move. Small groups develop and present models to explain the forces they observe.


The student knows that a successful method to explore the natural world is to observe and record, and then analyze and communicate the results.


The student knows that an object may move in a straight line at a constant speed, speed up, slow down, or change direction dependent on net force acting on the object.


-Poem “The Marble King” by Tom Allen [See Weblinks]

-6 Marbles for each student

-Rope or yarn to make a large circle for each group of 2 or 3 [This keeps the marbles in their own space. Hula hoops also work well.]

-Directions for marble game [See Weblinks]

-Chart paper

-Motion and Forces checklist [See Associated File]

-Drawing paper


  1. Acquire enough marbles for everyone to have
  2. Collect rope, yarn, hula hoops or some way to make a large circle for groups of
  3. Learn how to play a simple marble game in case none of your kids know
  4. Provide enough time for game playing and
  5. Provide chart paper so that you or the students can write down their
  6. Provide a clipboard and drawing paper for the movement
  7. Discuss good speaker and good audience
  8. Develop a chart with the students which shows what good speakers do and what good listeners
  9. Provide a copy of the Motion and Forces checklist [See Associated File] for each
  10. Gather rulers and ramp-making material for the extended
  11. Set up the cooperative rules that need to be Stay in group

Work with partners Take turns

Listen to each other’s ideas

  1. Allow time for



  1. Read the poem “The Marble King” by Tom Allen. [See Weblinks]
    1. Discuss the game of marbles and have students share their experiences with


  1. Art: Using a cardboard lid, place a piece of art paper on the bottom. Drop marbles into different colors of paint and let them roll around on the art paper. This is a beautiful illustration of movement in straight lines and changing
  2. Reading: The directions for the marble games could be used as a guided reading lesson for reading for understanding.
  3. Writing: Students could teach someone at home how to play marbles and then write about the experience.

Web Links

A great set of poems and stories about marbles are on this site. Land of Marbles


Directions with drawings for playing a number of marble games. There is also a section on how marbles are made that could be used for guided reading.

Land of Marbles


Great Website about teaching science through inquiry. Inquiry Page

Attached Files

This file contains the Motion and Forces checklist.             File Extension: pdf


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