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Curriculum analysis$file/12.19.19.American%20Government%20Curriculum%20Revision%20and%20Approval%20Sequence.pdf
Francis Howell School District Curriculum Revision & Approval Sequence American Government

“Social Studies is the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence. Within the school program, social studies provides coordinated, systematic study drawing upon such disciplines as anthropology, economics, geography, history, law, philosophy,
Social Studies – Park Hill School District
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Social Studies Curriculum 12th Grade – American Government
1 2 Social Studies Curriculum 12th Grade –

American Government Overarching Essential Question: What does it mean to be a knowledgeable, active participant in our American Democracy and how will I proceed as an informed and

Above are possible curriculums

You should select an existing district or commercially developed curriculum. You will complete a full analysis of the curriculum, including its benefits to students and its limitations. Your analysis should respond to the following criteria and questions:

1. Curriculum aims and objectives
2. What are the perspectives represented by the curriculum; what is the balance between subject, learner and society?
3. How are knowledge, learning, and programs conceptualized? What problem does this curriculum seek to solve?
4. What factors might affect this curriculum in your situation?

5. Do the standards clearly identify and highlight “integrating concepts” to facilitate integrated thinking within and across disciplines?
6. Do the standards provide a systematic and developmental conceptual schema for building deep understanding over time?
7. Is the critical content [topics of study] clearly identified by grade bands?
8. Is the critical content correlated to disciplinary concepts and conceptual ideas [essential understandings, generalizations, principals]?
9. Are process [complex performances] and key skills clearly identified?
10. Do the processes and skills reflect the professional performances and skills of the discipline?
11. Are the processes and key skills clearly differentiated from content understandings?
12. Do the standards suggest performances that demonstrate conceptual understanding?
13. Do the standards provide background information for the teacher on key concepts and critical content?
14. Is this curriculum good for your students?
15. What decision making process was used for this curriculum process? Or what should be used for this decision making process?

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